Friday Funnies: Jimmy Kimmel Has a Cure for iOS 7 Motion Sickness

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel has come up with a novel cure for the problem of iOS 7 motion sickness. In a spoof ad he unveiled on his show this week, Kimmel playfully suggests the problem could be alleviated by making one simple change. Check out the video below!

Soon after iOS 7’s release, people reports started rolling in that folks were having issues with motion sickness. People complained that the animations were making them feel dizzy and nauseous, even giving some people headaches. The application zooming effect is said to be the main culprit. While there is an option to ‘reduce motion’ in the settings of iOS 7, this apparently only removes the parallax on the home screen, so there’s no real way to remove all of the animations.

Jimmy Kimmel’s cure seems like the best option for now. Check out the video below!

[Via: Jimmy Kimmel Live]

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