Samsung launches PEN.UP social network for S Pen/Galaxy Note users

Samsung PEN.UP social network for S Pen/Galaxy Note users

Say you own Samsung’s Galaxy Note II or, even better, the hot-new Galaxy Note III. You know how to draw and you’re also eager to see what other people from around the world can draw using their phablets. Guess what? There’s an app for that.

The Samsung PEN.UP is available for S Pen devices only, and it allows users to upload their artwork, and share it with others. Moreover, this mobile social network will also allow you to follow other Galaxy Note users, create your favorites, and perhaps end-up in the “Hall of Fame,” which is reserved for the “best of the best.”

I’m not a big fan of phablets but few of my friends can’t stop praising their Notes. So there’s some sort of mini-craze out there, and I assume the Korean company wants to monetize on it. Then again, I’m not sure people will flock in numbers to yet another social network (with so many other options out there). What do you think?

PEN.UP (FREE) [Google Play Store]

  • The pen up social network is good. This is an awesome stuff indeed! 🙂

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Guess Galaxy Note users love this sort of things. 🙂

  • MrLich

    I have a Note. A Note 10.1. Which I use for drawing regularly – and I can’t install this app. That seems like a big ol’ fail.

    • Andrei Lanuza

      I had the same problem. I couldn’t download straight from the play store. I got wind that if you find the apk for the app it would install, and did just that. I’m now using it on my Note 10.1. Although the app doesn’t seem to be tablet optimized. I’m excitedly waiting for an official version for the Note 10.1 and will quickly install that if that comes out.

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