T-Mobile to Unveil Uncarrier “Phase 3” Next Week, Partners With Shakira

T-Mobile is set to unveil the next phase in their Uncarrier strategy next week, and has tapped Shakira to help promote their next move.

T-Mobile will be holding a special ticketed event in New York next Wednesday, where the company will be handing out thousands of free tickets to Shakira’s concert in Bryant Park.

T-Mobile began its Uncarrier plan back in March, which vanquished two-year contracts and phone subsidies. Phase II rolled out on July 10th, when T-Mobile unveiled its JUMP early upgrade program, which allows customers to trade in their phones twice a year in exchange for paying a $10 monthly fee.

As for what exactly Phase III entails is still unknown, but many are speculating that it will have to do with Family Plans, providing Family Plan customers savings on their exisiting data plans, and perhaps introducing a JUMP like program for those customers as well.

[Via: AllThingsD , TmoNews]

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