Samsung To Challenge Google Glass With Gear Glass?

While Google Glass still hasn’t been released to the public, there certainly isn’t a short supply of soon to be competition already. Unsurprisingly, Samsung may be looking to get into the “Glass” arena to challenge Google in the market with Gear Glass.

With the Galaxy Gear already available, we’re not surprised to hear that Samsung is actively working on a set of smart glasses.

Eldar Murtazin, who has long been known for getting inside information on new and upcoming products for quite a while, recently posted the following tweet about Samsung’s upcoming smart glasses.

We do find it a bit odd that Samsung will use the ‘Glass’ name in its upcoming product, and whether or not that will ruffle some feathers over at Google remains to be seen. Still, while the Gear branding will likely adorn Samsung’s wearable tech products, we’d be lying if we said ‘Galaxy Glass’ didn’t sound a lot better. Then again, the glasses could ship with a different name altogether.

One big question on our minds for Gear Glass is whether or not the device will be a Galaxy-only offering like the Galaxy Gear. If Samsung wants to bring the heat against Google, compatibility will need to be key, but we can’t say that we’d be surprised if Sammy’s glasses require a Galaxy S or Note handset to work.

If Murtazin’s claim rings true, we could see the Samsung’s Gear Glass land around April or May of next year.

[Via: TechnoBuffalo]

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Samsung is preparing to copy Google Glass specs and change its name to Gear Glass. Ctrl – Copy – Paste!

    Please Samsung, compete with Apple, not Google! You should be thankful that Google Android operating system made you so popular otherwise i didn’t know who Samsung is!

    • ygtbfkm

      Do you own shares? Why the hell else would you care? This isn’t some inane sport. You do realise that as a leading component manufacturer Samsung is a supplier to all their competitors? Remove Samsungs capabilities from the equation, and everyone else falls down.

      Go for it Samsung, more the merrier, we are the ultimate winner.

    • Rambir

      I have a feeling that the Google Glass project was for the techies and was designed to promote other companies to challenge consumers, whereas the Google Glass was the push to the other technologies.

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