7 Things That Make Microsoft Surface Pro 2 The Best Portable Device Ever

Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Before I start with my 7 points let me note that Microsoft hasn’t paid me to write this. I would, however, appreciate a review unit to try it out. 🙂

But from all I’ve read, I do consider the Surface Pro 2 to be the best portable device ever. Here’s why:

1. Productivity
The Surface 2 Pro allows you to do *all* tasks while on the go. There’s no need for special mobile clients with limited capabilities. After all, this thing runs regular Windows 8.1 (as opposed to Windows RT).

2. Gaming
I’m not a big gamer myself, but I do occasionally fire-up some game on my Nexus 10. While I dig mobile games, they are still limited and more often than not I end-up playing something that could easily run on a tablet from few years ago. Even the fastest mobile chips today are slow compared to the hardware found inside the Surface 2 Pro. And that extra horse-power enables some “serious” gaming (if you’re into that stuff).

3. Portability
Surface Pro 2 is comparable to other 10-inch tablets. Yeah, it’s a bit heavier, but you get the full-blown computer instead of a tablet with (still) limited capabilities. I’m talking about regular Photoshop here, not some dumbed-down version that lets you apply effects, crop and rotate images.

4. Keyboard covers
With these you can type faster. Much faster. And, yet again – get some serious work done. What’s more, the new TypeCovers come with a backlit keyboard, making for a that much better look and feel.

5. Built-in kickstand
The two-step kickstand introduced with the new Surface series allows for both media playback and work. That other position gets you a laptop-like experience.

6. Wireless adapter for keyboard
So you can separate the screen and keyboard. Hold the keyboard in your lap and screen on a table. And rest a bit while doing so…

7. The dock
Thanks to which the Surface Pro 2 can be used as a desktop computer. Yup, with a dock, you get to use Surface 2 Pro all the time, both as your mobile companion and as a desktop computer.

And here’s a short presentation with all of the mentioned reasons why Surface 2 Pro rocks.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I love Surface 2 Pro. Want one, but it’s too expensive. 🙁

    • James Deering

      Not in my opinion. I will be buying the base model Surface Pro 2. It will be $300 dollars cheaper then what I paid for a Macbook Air.

    • dave birney

      im trying my best to justify the price.
      a high end laptop + high-ish end desktop + tablet + wacom drawing tablet with a screen would end up costing me 1000 more than the surface pro 2 (256GB)

  • Gregory C Newman

    I too have thought the MS Surface Pro and Surface RT and the new Surface 2 as
    being portable computers more than a laptop/Tablet hybrid as Microsoft calls them
    because the Type covers are too flimsy. As a portable computers they are the best on the whole world because they’re as thin as a large book. 85 percent of the Owners of a Surface Pro give it a very high rating it’s fast and addictive to use. the Surface Pro 2 is even better than 1st the Surface Pro Those who can afford it will buy a second Surface Pro. I Predict that Apple will make a Mac Copy of the Surface Pro running their desktop OS and maybe call it the MacTab. a lot of Apple fans will probably say it’s better Than a Surface Pro. Some Windows fans would buy a MacTab and set it to dual boot Windows
    8.1 and use it as a Windows Tablet

  • Diebkstabber

    I really really want one! I don’t need an iPad, it’s just a larger version of my phone. I want something that I can work on, and play on. My laptop of 6 years finally died, so I’m saving my pennies for a pro2. I go to best buy once a week to play with one.

  • proz4pros

    Getting one. No doubt about it. My over-sized mobile phone tablet is a joke for anything serious, and I have always hated large laptops. No mobile device will ever replace my desktop though.

  • obate

    thanks to Microsoft invention of surface 2 and surface pro 2. i ve been following the whole reviews since the news broke out ,., so many people say is the best tablet so far. ok ! what makes it when is has no cellular version., only wi-fi.. apple have both wi-fi and cellular version. to make a complete tablet..Microsoft should produce both wi-fi and cellular version of their surface product and bring the price down if they re to make it this time .. look at apple ipads , they produced with both wifi and cellular because is not meant for one place . is something you ll be carrying about for your daily business…..

    • proz4pros

      Obviously you are not the target market. Cellular access in the device is trivial, and certainly not a purchasing factor for those who desire this tablet. Web based services are not what I have in mind when using this thing, and tethering is simple. Your Ipad is incapable of running software I require. Don’t get me started on Mac. Apple have nothing that compares to the pro. You can buy apple and be happy. I have been waiting for devices in this form factor(with wacom stylus) with small size and decent power since before apple even had a smart phone. We may not be as numerous as the horde of sheep, but we are still a market that requires servicing. And without us, you wouldn’t have squat.

  • blatha

    The surface pro–combined with one note–is a remarkable student tool. Dramatically better than anything apple has to offer. So, what is microsoft doing to evangelize to student consumers and forge long term brand loyalty? Nothing.

  • Nick

    I would purchase the Surface Pro 2 if Microsoft had done the right thing and moved away from a Content Consumption display ratio of 16:9. This ratio renders the tablet almost unusable in portrait mode.

    • proz4pros

      I agree Nick, but I’m still buying one. Unfortunately, the screen manufacturers don’t really make much in other ratios now. It’s taken a long time but I’ve pretty much gotten used to consumption format. I still hope the current trend changes. While my newest monitor is huge, It has less vertical resolution than my old CRT monitor. And as any good geek knows, its pixels, not inches, that determines screen “real estate”. However, our next iteration of monitors is to be 4K HD! I don’t think I will be able to complain much about real estate then.

      What is really crap is nearly every website now displays their pages for people viewing on a phone in portrait mode, so my 27″ monitor has enormous white bars down the sides. So very frustrating. Maybe 30% of available space is used.

  • Metra

    Finally someone knows real production machines. Nothing against apple and others but most tablets are toys. This is a real pierce of technology. The surface pro was what the first tablet was meant to be… A computer that’s more portable than a laptop. However they all give that illusion of a computer but can not perform as u would like on a real computer. Microsoft has started something major. Everyone will follow. But I’m getting my hands on one. Been watching and Savin for months. Please don’t allow ignorance to keep you away from this. This is a real pierce of production. It can do anything. Just like a real desktop.

  • Metra

    Piece* lol

  • AnoNomos

    This sees no different from the advantages of Surface 1 (which …. just to remind everyone….BOMBED)!! So whats all the fuss about??

    • proz4pros

      Surface Pro didn’t bomb. The only reason I didn’t buy one is because they took so long to release them in my country, and I wanted a hands on. By the time it was available, so was Haswell, so I just waited for the announcement of Surface Pro 2. My plan was to buy both iterations, as there was no certain time frame on Haswell when the first version was announced, but they couldn’t supply it fast enough.

      Advantages of the new Haswell model: vastly improved power consumption and faster 3D. Both non-trivial for anyone serious.

      Microsoft has been doing tablet PCs since 2001(in partnership with OEMs), I’ve followed them the whole time. They got sick of OEMs putting out less than satisfying products. The plan for Surface was for it to be an exemplar, to show OEMs the way, not drive them out of business. If the OEMs keep making crap though, that may well happen. Surface Pro is amazing.

      Just buy apple and be happy, leave the Surface Pro for the pros. Try to be technology agnostic. Ipad was a beautifully engineered product. Surface Pro is even more so – and it runs real software, on a proper CPU, and incorporates a real stylus. Like I said, amazing. Apple will try to play catch up one day, I will laugh at what the cultists say then.

      Just one very simple thing no one seems to mention, no software on any operating system used in phones/phablets is capable of displaying documents correctly. It is hit and miss. Complex documents always fail to render correctly. Surface Pro, running Windows 8, is capable of displaying any document in any format created on any machine anywhere. If you use your computer for work, then iOS/Android can’t even do the basics properly.

  • arrow2010

    Some of these things(wireless adapter, dock) aren’t even on sale until 2014!

    • Dan-727

      Dock station is already available, company called Plugables, it is great and easy to connect. I have three of their products. Just plug in the usb and I am connected to sound, big screen, keyboard, mouse, and printer and internet at the office or home.

      • ArrowSmith

        No the official Surface Dock isn’t available until 2014.

  • FiDazzle

    When they add 4G LTE next year, I’ll seriously consider buying one…assuming I’m able to use it with Verizon Wireless. I need a laptop so hopefully the wait will be worth it.

  • Marin

    Dude, the first Surface lineup was a flop. The Pro is good enough for what it is, I suppose but it doesn’t really solve any real problems and it shows the fundamental flaws in the latest version of Windows. By definition, if you’re creating a platform for a laptop and tablet environment, there are going to be comes compromises.

  • Chase Elliott

    “I would, however, appreciate a review unit to try it out.”

    Wait, you just stated an opinion on why this is the best portable device EVER and you haven’t even used it yet? Have you ever used a device with top-of-the-line hardware expecting a mind-blowing experience only to be let down by buggy software, poor battery, random reboots, etc? I have with more tech gear than I can remember in the past decade.

    Never say anything is awesome before you give it a chance to fail…especially now that google might take your first take on a product and tarnish your reputation by posting it as an endorsement that you can’t remove when a month later people discover it spontaneously bursts in to flames or electrocutes you. Just a little friendly advice.

    • Eduardo

      Yep, that’s a roger. Someone wrote a review about a product they’ve never used. Seriously. I know journalism is taking a nose dive but good lord, that’s just disgusting.

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