Is This A Render Of Samsung’s Upcoming Smartphone With A Curved Display? [UPDATE: New Pic]

Samsung has shown off its flexible AMOLED displays for years now, and we may have the first photo of the device this type of display will be shipping on. And it’s weird. Yes, apparently this is what we’ve been waiting for all this time.

@Evleaks, a name you may be familiar with at this point, posted this photo earlier today. The photo shows what looks to be a typical Samsung smartphone with a curved display, but not necessarily in the way we were expecting.

Our initial believe was that Samsung would be  going the way of the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus. Sure, we’ve seen this before, but we were expecting something else than what we see above. In either case, the device shown above is definitely unique, and there’s nothing else to speak of outside of the photo.

What genuine function the curved display on this device brings to the table is anyone’s guess, but we’re still not necessarily sure what to think about it. Of course, if this is indeed the real deal, we’ll have to get the device in our hands before to come to any hard conclusions.

What do you think of the render? Sound off in the comments below!

[UPDATE: Check out another pic of the device below! — via: Droid-Life]

[Via: Evleaks]

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