Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active in works?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active in works?

The sales of the water- and dust-proof Galaxy S4 Active are apparently going strong when Samsung is thinking to create a similar version of the Galaxy Note 3.

According to the Korean media outlet ETnews and brought to our attention by GforGames, the world’s largest smartphone maker is already working on the Galaxy Note 3 Active but we’re not sure whether this device will ever be released or not.

Sony is already offering the Xperia Z and the new Xperia Z1 that come with this capability, and perhaps Samsung thinks the Japanese company has some kind of advantage for selling water-resistant devices.

Thus far we haven’t seen a single water-proof phablet (as far as I know), and that could be Sammy’s key selling point here. They would be able to say they’ve made another “world’s first” device and score some PR points along the way. We’ll see where this goes and in the meantime we’re eager to know – would you go for the water-proof Galaxy Note 3 or not?

UPDATE: I almost forgot about the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. It IS the world’s first water-proof phablet. Thanks to Gitzz for pointing that out.

  • Gitzz

    as far as i know, xperia z ultra is a phablet and its waterproof!! Is this website paid by samsung to promote them…

    • Dusan Belic

      We wish. 🙂

      Thanks for pointing this out. Just updated the post. 🙂

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Guess something like this makes sense.

  • Demiroquai

    I need to keep my phone out on the table for my toddler kid while at a restaurant. If there was a Verizon phablet that was water resistant I would buy it in a heart beat.

  • Michael Christiansen

    I am thinking of buying the Note 3. But waiting abit more to see if a water resistant/proof and dust proof version should come. perhaps with a metal body aswell, i woulden’t mind (:

    • archont

      Metal bodies are terrible. Plastics are much better suited for protecting electronics because they’re lighter and handle compressive stress nearly as well. You need a certain thickness of both metal and plastic for it to be really effective at protecting the phone from dents and impact.

      But if you’re fine carrying a 400 gram tank of a phone made of stainless steel, more power to you.

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