Square Enix’s Dragon Quest I Through VIII Coming To iOS and Android

Known for some of the most amazing RPG’s of all time, Square Enix is bringing one of it’s most beloved franchises, Dragon Quest to Android and iOS devices in Japan. Square Enix will be releasing Dragon Quest I through VIII only in Japan at the moment, but we can hope and pray that the titles make their way to the states sometime soon.

Square Enix has been in the mode of releasing older console titles on mobile devices, and it seems to be a good strategy for the company. Square Enix has been having a tough go at the traditional console market, as good old-fashioned RPG’s have fallen out of fashion and big shoot-em-up action games have taken over.

Square Enix has released a handful of Final Fantasy titles on Android and iOS, which translate well to the touch screen and have souped up graphics as well.

Would you like to see the Dragon Quest games hit the states? What is your favorite title? Let us know in the comments below.

[Via: Neoseeker]

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