Beyond: Two Souls App Lets You Contol the Game with your Phone!

Beyond: Two Souls, the beautiful new game from Quantic Dream sports an epic story and some of the best visuals ever seen on a console. But the game also has a mobile twist that theoretically allows you to control the game using an Android or iOS device.

The Beyond: Touch app allows the player to use their smartphone as a 1st or 2nd controller, as long as it’s on the same wireless network as the PS3 running the game. Once tethered, the smartphone and enter commands using a simplified set of swipe, tap and hold controls!

Grab the app for iTunes here, and Android devices here!

This app is really cool and offers a completely new gameplay experience. But I used the term “theoretically” for a reason. It might have been released from the oven half-baked. So far I can’t make it work with my Galaxy S4. The app loads and tethers with the PS3 just fine, but when I enter into gameplay it sticks on a loading screen. Hopefully an update will fix this.

Have any of you had better luck? I’d love to hear about your experience controlling Beyond: Two Souls with your smartphone. Sound off in the comments!

For more information, the description from the Google Play Store follows below:

Use the BEYOND Touch™ app to control your BEYOND: Two Souls™ game on PlayStation®3 system. The app can be used on Android™ devices to replace your wireless controller. All you’ll need is for your PlayStation®3 system to be on the same WiFi network as your Android™ device and you’ll be ready to play the game with touch controls.
Please note: This app acts only as a controller. In order to play the BEYOND: Two Souls™ game, you will need a PlayStation®3 system and the game, purchased separately at any participating retailer.
BEYOND Touch Features:
• Play the game on your PlayStation®3 system with intuitive touch controls designed for your Android™ device;
• Easy to play, even if you’ve never played a console game before;
• Easy to connect to your PlayStation®3 system;
• Play the adventure in Solo mode, or in Duo mode with a friend using your preferred device.
The following Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply to use of this App, depending on your country of residence:
Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, Russia, Oceana:
Asia Pacific:
About BEYOND: Two Souls™:
From the visionary mind of David Cage, director of the award-winning Heavy Rain™ game, comes the most powerfully emotional experience on the PlayStation®3 system. A singularly unique, psychological action thriller featuring ELLEN PAGE and WILLEM DAFOE, the BEYOND: Two Souls™ game takes you on emotional journey through the remarkable life of Jodie Holmes.
• Dive into a gripping and unpredictable, psychological action thriller starring ACADEMY AWARD® nominated actors.
• Explore stunning and varied settings across the world in an epic journey through 15 years of a character’s life.
• Control Jodie and an invisible entity through spectacular action sequences and puzzles with unique controls.
• Experience cutting-edge technology from Quantic Dream in one of the best-looking games ever seen on the PlayStation®3 system.

[Via: Google Play]

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