Rumor: Motorola Working on DROID Ultra Successor, DROID Quantum

Motorola shipping 100,000 Moto X phones out of its Dallas factory each week

Now that the Moto X release is behind us, it’s time for the rumor mill to begin spinning its sinewy webs about what Motorola and Google’s next devices. Earlier today, we heard that Motorola is working on a phablet, the Xplay, and a new rumor confirms that as well as revealing that Motorola is working on a Droid Ultra successor as well.

A new rumor from the China suggests that Motorola is prepping a new Droid device, the Droid Quantum, which will be the successor to the Droid Ultra. No news of specs or price points have been detailed.

Motorola could also be working on a phablet, with a rumored 6.3-inch smartphone coming in 2014. This device is currently dubbed the Xplay, and will take the crown as largest phone ever if it does indeed see the light of day.

You’ll be hearing more about Motorola’s upcoming devices soon, the rumors have just begun! (;

[Via: Phone Arena]

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