Snatch The Samsung Galaxy Gear From T-Mobile for $209.99 With This Code!

30% off the Samsung Galaxy Gear? You’re Kidding! Nope, we’re dead serious. If you’re thinking of grabbing a Galaxy Gear smartwatch along with your Galaxy Note 3 purchase, now is the time to do it. T-Mobile customers can now get 30% off of the smartwatch, by using the promo code “FALLFUN30”. The code cuts the price of the Galaxy Gear from $299.99 down to $209.99. As of now, the promo code is only working on T-Mobile’s website.

While the Galaxy Gear has been receiving mixed reviews, the discount definitely is enough to encourage curious buyers to purchase the device.

So head over to T-Mobile’s website now and grab your Galaxy Gear for a cool $200 and change.

[Via: TmoNews]

  • Arena11

    T-Mobile does not honor this price. They just cancelled my order. I’ve even called the support and they will not honor it.

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