Twitter for Windows Phone updated with new dark-colored theme, lock screen integration

Twitter is showing some love to Windows Phone with an update that brings a new theme and lock screen integration.

Just like Facebook and other social apps, Twitter is now sending tweets directly to the lock-screen so you can keep up-to-date without unlocking your phone. From the lock screen you can see the twitter handle of the person who wrote the tweet, the date/time, and tweet itself. You cannot tap or swipe on a tweet to interact with it. It’s just a static element on the screen.

Besides the new lock screen integration, Twitter also added a new dark-colored UI for the app. You can easily select this option if you prefer a black background over the standard bright white.  A few other smaller changes now allow you to receive notifications when select Twitter accounts send a tweet as well as change your language to one of 13 newly added languages. There’s also a new keyword search option that lets you pin these searches to your home screen for easy access to a Twitter topic.

The latest  3.0 version is available to download for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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