‘Dragon Realms’ Brings Strategy RPG Gameplay to iOS and Android

There’s a new RPG coming to mobile. GREE’s Dragon Realms aims to bring a deeper strategy experience to mobile gaming. GREE’s Modern War, Crime City and Kingdom Age have all proven successful. With Dragon Realms, the company aims to make the magic happen again.

Dragon Realms is a fantasy themed RPG that puts the player in control of a band of heroes. You’ll conquest your way through a campaign, gaining warriors with unique attributes along the way. The game offers multiplayer as well, allowing for alliances and rivalries with other players.

GREE’s Dragon Realms is available on iTunes and the Google Play Store. For more information, check out GREE’s press release below:

GREE Unleashes Dragon Realms On iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android
– Newest Title in Multi-Million Dollar RPG Franchise –

San Francisco, CA – October 10, 2013 – GREE, a leading developer of mobile games, today announced the launch of Dragon Realms, a fantasy RPG available on iOS and Android devices. As the newest title in GREE’s top-charting RPG franchise, Dragon Realms invites players to lead a crew of heroes to defeat barbaric rivals, slay medieval beasts and build the greatest kingdom in the realm. Dragon Realms is available now for free on the App Store and Google Play.

“So often we see mobile RPG titles that don’t require much strategic thinking, but in Dragon Realms we set out to create a uniquely immersive experience by giving players a more direct role in their gameplay through constant gameplay feedback and the ability to make impactful decisions,” said Ken Chiu, SVP, Social Games, GREE International, Inc. “We have seen huge success with our RPG franchise – Modern War, Crime City and Kingdom Age have all been top-charting – and our focus now is on evolving the games to give players more hands-on and personalized experiences within these game worlds.”

In Dragon Realms, players set off to find and train mighty heroes – each with unique skills – in order to build and lead the toughest nine-unit party against enemies. Each hero in this elite squad can be leveled-up or evolved, allowing for continual customization and the ability to build attack and defense levels for each character. This team will also be used in the game’s intense player-versus-player feature where these strategically constructed forces will face-off against rivals to see who is the strongest in the kingdom. Dragon Realms delivers an action-packed multiplayer experience as players create alliances with friends from around the world, face-off against rival guilds, and participate in live events with fellow players to create one of the most immersive and social RPG experiences on mobile.

Dragon Realms offers a uniquely engaging experience, allowing players to explore magical lands, complete hundreds of quests for handsome rewards, and compete against and cooperate with other players. The game will be frequently updated with new events, content, and features to keep the game experience fresh and exciting.

The Dragon Realms app is available for free from the App Store at www.AppStore.com/DragonRealms and on Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.gree.dragonrealmsbeta.

For more information on the game, follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GREEGames or on Twitter at @GREEGames.

For more information about GREE, visit www.gree-corp.com.

About GREE, Inc.
GREE is a global mobile social company with businesses that include social gaming, social media, advertising, licensing and merchandising, and venture capital. Established in December 2004, GREE created the world’s first mobile social game in 2007 and today operates one of Japan’s largest social networking services. With studios in Tokyo, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Seoul, GREE employs approximately 2,500 people around the world. GREE is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (3632).


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