Samsung Note Tablet may dual boot Android/WinRT

HTC isn’t the only phone manufacturer allegedly looking to build a device that’ll dual-boot Android and a version of Windows. According to Mobile Review, Samsung and possibly Huawei are also working on dual-boot devices.

Reports suggest the Samsung and Huawei devices may dual boot Windows RT and Android. Microsoft may be waiving the licensing fee so the manufacturers can install the mobile operating system on their phones and tablet devices with minimal cost. Details on the Huawei device are not known, but Samsung is supposedly working on a 12.2-inch Galaxy Note tablet that’ll run the two operating systems. The biggest hindrance to bringing the device to the market is allegedly storage space, with Windows RT taking up most of the storage space on a 32GB device. Customers won’t be happy with a $500+ device that only has 6GB of free space for apps, music and more.

The same sources that say Samsung is producing a hybrid device also claim HTC has ditched its work on a dual-boot device. With mounting financial losses and falling market share, it is believed that HTC may have abandoned development because of the experimental nature of the device in lieu of a safer, more profitable venture like a refresh of the HTC One.

[Via Mobile Review and Phone Arena]

  • Mike E. Delta

    I tend to think it’s the reason companies kinda fall flat…playing it safe. =[

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