AT&T nukes tiered voice plans, requires mobile share for new customers

AT&T today announced it is doing away with tiered data plans, instead opting for its mobile share plans. This decision was one of many that the Death Star made, including changing choices for individuals as they now have to sign up for unlimited voice and text.

For those of you who have a family plan, this change isn’t new as it reflects what you’ve been paying for all along. Unfortunately, individual subscribers are the ones who get the shaft here; they no longer get to choose a cheap, low minute plan anymore.

Now everyone is stuck using AT&T’s Mobile Share plans, which isn’t the most consumer-friendly plans on the market. Users can expect to pay around 100 bucks a line, and that’s without added services like insurance. The new plans go in effect October 25. So we shouldn’t have to stress how important it is for folks who’ve been on the fence with getting AT&T’s service — get it now before these tiered plans go bye-bye.

This latest decision only makes prepaid alternatives a lot more appealing, with choices such as Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, T-Mobile Simple Choice, or AT&T’s very new prepaid service called AiO.

AT&T Blog via Lifehacker

  • nick

    In most cases MS is actually cheaper or the same price plus you get hotspot.


    MS: unl talk/text 300 mb $70
    Nation plan: 450 min 40 + unl txt 20 + 300 mb 20= $80

    ms: unl talk/txt 1gb for 2 phones = 130

    Family: 700 mins 69.99 + unl txt 30 + 300mb 20 + 300mb 20 =140

    Ms 4gb plan w/ 2 phones= 150

    Family: equivalent= 160

    Ms: 10gb w/ 5 phones 270

    Family: equivalent = 280

    you should do research before you say it will be 100 dollars a phone.

  • Tojen1981

    We was on the 700 minutes plan and was paying $297* a month for 5 smartphones plus we had one line that went over on data 2 out of 3 billing cycles and other that barely used their data.

    Changed to MS 10gb plan and now no overages and we pay $265* now and unlimited talk and free hotspot feature.

    The only way a traditional plan beats a MS is if one or more lines are a feature phone.

    *prices shown include taxes/fees and 17% discount figured in that I get through work

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