The Dreaded ‘Blue Screen Of Death’ Resurrected on the iPhone 5s

Oh, the old Blue Screen of Death. Older Windows users are sure to remember the dreaded sign, which would lock up one’s computer and display a blue screen along with white text explaining a Windows error. We all thought those days were behind us, but apparently they are not. In a sick twist of fate, it turns out that the BSoD is alive and well…on the Apple iPhone 5s?

iPhone 5s users have been reporting seeing a BSoD of their own, which seems to be triggered by certain apps. The ESPN Score Center app and Numbers have been triggering the anomaly. A user describes the experience here:

“When using my phone going in and out of apps, my phone’s screen will suddenly turn solid blue for about 2 seconds then the Apple logo will appear and it restarts my phone.”

Another user claims,

“I’ve also found that if I open a document in Numbers, then press the power button, the phone seems to power itself off almost instantly instead of just going to sleep,”

Since the BSoD problem has only been triggered by the aforementioned apps, it could be easily fixable with an update to iWork, an app collection of which Numbers and the ESPN app are part of.

Have you peeped the BSoD on your shiny new iPhone 5s? Let us know in the comments.

[Via: TechnoBuffalo]

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