Friday Funnies: ‘Ellen Page Simulator’ – Beyond: Two Souls Gets Punked

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be Ellen Page? Have you ever wished you could spend a day in the life of the Juno star, eating food, taking tests and just walking around? Now there’s a game for you! Check out a trailer for the “Ellen Page Simulator 2014” below! Kotaku had us in stitches with this video!

Beyond: Two Souls, the new game from Quantic Dream, just released on Tuesday. The game employs a motion capture technique that allows for an astounding level of realism. It translates the performance of its leads Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe into uncanny in-game representations that feel almost real.

You control Ellen Page’s character Jodie throughout her life. The game has several action oriented sequences and a spooky sci-fi/fantasy aspects. But there are a lot of sequences of Jodie doing some fairly mundane, regular life actions. Since the digital recreation of Ellen Page is so near perfect, it’s very much like simulating the life of the actress. Check out the video below, it’s genius!

The new game is already polarizing critics. Some of whom praise its amazing visuals, and sweeping cinematic storytelling. Others find fault with the game’s linearity, and find the story trite. For the record, I’m playing through it now and I’ll weigh in after I complete it. So far, I can see both sides of the coin. The detractors’ issues make sense but I’m enraptured by truly cinematic visuals. More to come soon!

[Via: Kotaku]

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