Rumor: iPhone 5c Production Sliced In Half Due To Lackluster Sales

Apple’s gameplan seemed simple enough: release two different models of the iPhone, a premium model, the iPhone 5s, and a colorful budget model iPhone 5c. Current iPhone owners would gravitate twords the iPhone 5s, while newcomers to the Apple game and customers in emerging markets would snatch up the iPhone 5c because, you know, everyone wants an iPhone, right? While the iPhone 5s has been selling like hotcakes, the iPhone 5c has not, a new rumor suggests.

A new rumor today from CTechCN claims that Apple has halved its iPhone 5c production, from 300,000 units a day down to 150,000.

Apple has released legit sales figures for its iPhones, but the figures do not provide a model breakdown, leaving us in the dark as to how many units of each particular iPhone Apple has moved. It figures to reason that if the new iPhone models were leading sales, they would make a big deal out of it, proclaiming the success of their new handsets.

Looking at retail availability,the writing is on the wall. iPhone 5s units have been flying off shelves; there’s even a substantial backlog of orders. The iPhone 5c on the other hand is on sale at almost every major retailer in the states, with some vendors even offering the 5c for as low as $49 with a new contract. Multiple trade-in offers are available as well, with Best Buy offering a $100 trade-in credit twords an iPhone for any working smartphone.

We’ll just have to wait for official news from Apple to really see what the deal here is. Even if the iPhone 5c is moving slowly, it doesn’t mean failure for Apple, it just means a slowdown for a company who in the past has enjoyed more than robust device sales.

[Via: Ubergizmo]

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