Ingress Coming To iOS In 2014: Which Side Are You On?

Ingress is almost a year old, and has captured quite a devoted audience of Android players in urban areas. Google is reportedly bringing the location based augmented reality game to iOS, giving Apple users a chance to battle it out in real time.

In an interview with AllThingsD, Ingress project manager Brandon Badger confirmed the plan to bring Ingress to iOS, which has seen one hundred million activations since the game debuted last November.

Although we’re not exactly sure when in 2014 Ingress will be landing on iOS, we know it is coming.

Get ready iOS users. Make sure those external battery packs are charged up and you’ve got some good athletic shoes on. Will you join The Enlightened or The Resistance?

Check out the latest Ingress Report below, which recaps the recent Operation Cassandra.

[Via: AllThingsD] [Image: Decode Ingress]

  • Will

    They will join the alliance, because the alliance are sheep!

    • Art Carnage

      The “alliance”? Seriously? Maybe you should go back to Foursquare, or looking for Munzees.

  • Art Carnage

    I predict a large drop-out rate, as there will be a huge number of Android users who have hit Level 8, and have a massive inventory of mods and high-end weapons, and power cubes, while the iPhoners will all have to start at the ground floor. They don’t mind inequality, as long as they’re not the one getting the fuzzy end of the lollypop. Some will use jailbroken phones to cheat, and others will get frustrated that they can’t just buy what they need, like an in-purchase video game, and quit.

    • So pretty much par for the course as it’s been with android so far.

    • Well i just brought an android because there’s no way to play ingress in my iphone, but when an app for ios arrives, i will throw my android away, because i love my iphone… And i’ll be an eight level iphone user since the beginning. Just saying…

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