Next-Gen Google Glass is in the Works, According to Google Exec

Google Glass won’t be released to the general public until sometime next year, but it looks like the company’s already working on its successor. Recently Mary Lou Jepson, the head of the Google X lab’s display division, recently told an audience at MIT that she was working on the new Glass!

Jepson spoke at MIT’s EmTech Conference, to an audience of students and industry folks. She wouldn’t give out any specifics about the next model of Google Glass, but did mention that she’s only getting 3 hours of sleep a night because her and her team are working on getting Google Glass 2 ready.

While little is known about the next round of Google Glass, it’s clear that it will be engineered to be less conspicuous. Recently we reported that Google was working with fashionable eye wear retailer Warby Parker on the new Glass.

[Via: MIT]

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