Nokia to offer free Netflix subscriptions with Lumia phones sold in the UK


As part of its Christmas shopping push, Nokia will offer free one-year subscription to Netflix with every Lumia device sold in the UK.

According to the Financial Times, the company doesn’t want to passively wait for regulatory bodies to clear the deal with Microsoft and is looking to make some cash in the meantime.

Apparently, Nokia will pay the majority of the Netflix subscription cost though the streaming service could chip-in for a smaller share, as it’s trying to expand the reach in the UK. Microsoft on its end will continue to support Nokia’s advertising efforts in hope that more Brits will grab a Windows Phone device this holiday season.

It is said that Microsoft’s platform holds a 10% of the smartphone market in the UK, compared to 4-5 percent globally.

We love how handset makers are trying to sweeten the deal and are wondering whether schemes like these would entice you to go for one product over another. What do you say?

[Via: TheVerge, FT]

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