Treasure Island Music Festival 2013: There’s An App For That!

Ahh the Treasure Island Music Festival, one of my favorite fall time activities. The two-day festival has it all; multiple stages of performers, a pretty sweet beer garden, DIY craft stylings and a shit-ton of pota-potties. As anyone who has attended in the past can attest, finding out where your next favorite act is performing can be a chore while trying to navigate through the hordes of neon wearing Bridge and Tunnel kids. This year, there’s an app for that, thanks in part to Rdio.

The app comes in Android and iOS flavors, and allows you to select which acts you’d like to see and reminds you ahead of time before they go on. You can even listen to artists from the app, so you can determine if you really like that band everyone’s been talking about.

Also included is a map, which is probably the most helpful feature of all. Even though Treasure Island isn’t the biggest of locales, getting lost is easy, especially if you’ve had one too many drinks or have taken too much (insert drug of choice here).

If you’re heading to the Treasure Island Music Festival this weekend, you hella need to check out this app. Make sure to bring a hoodie, lots of cash, and don’t try to sneak in too much booze; they’re sticklers at the door!

Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Check out the lineup below!

[Via: Facebook]

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