HTC To Take The Lead On Upcoming Amazon Kindle Phones?

HTC isn’t new to partnering up with companies to create new smartphones. The HTC First was a decent phone with bad software, but according to a report from The Financial Times, the company is looking into another partnership and may be heading up the upcoming Amazon Kindle smartphones.

Despite it’s sales slumps, HTC brings possibly the best hardware to the table for its smartphones. The HTC One, all done up in an aluminum unibody, is still one of the nicest phones we’ve ever come across. The company’s knack for making a sexy and solid smartphone could give Amazon quite an edge if the rumor comes to fruition.

One of the latest rumors we caught regarding the Amazon Kindle smartphones was that the company is planning to launch a device with a glasses-free 3D display. Whether or not it got the memo that devices like the Optimus 3D and HTC’s own EVO 3D bombed like it wasn’t even funny remains to be seen, but it will certainly be interesting to see an Amazon twist on the technology.

The partnership between Amazon and HTC would be mutually beneficial. While Amazon has a rather large following with its Kindle Fire tablets, a big question for many is whether anyone would care to have an Amazon smartphone in their pocket. Adding HTC into the equation would bring familiar smartphone brand name to Amazon’s device, and HTC itself could see a boost (in confidence and sales) as well.

Only time will tell if these rumors pan out.

Would you be interested in grabbing a HTC-made Kindle phone?

[Via: The Verge]

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