Infographic: Has Apple Crumbled?

Is Apple slipping into oblivion under Tim Cook as so many naysayers predicted? It doesn’t look that way. Even if the iPhone 5c is facing slow sales, Apple is still coming out on top when it comes to revenue. A new infographic takes a look at Apple under the direction of Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, showing that Apple is still alive and well even with the passing of Steve Jobs.

Check out the infographic below for some insight to how Apple is faring under the direction of Tim Cook. The data may surprise you.

[Via: WhoIsHostingThis]

  • Most of the data in this infograph isn’t really accurate or representational of the job Cook is doing.

    Approval rating means little since we all know how hard Jobs pushed his employees. Cook isn’t doing that and look what has happened. Not a single innovation yet…and iOS7 is possibly the buggiest OS Apple has released,

    Revenues are piggybacked off of Jobs’ original ideas and are high but that is because Apple (for whatever reason) is still allowed by the consumer to demand a premium for their devices. Add in the addition of more markets and that is relatively off set. Love or hate Apple if they had those same markets under Jobs revenue would be considerably higher!!

    Apple hasn’t released an innovation since the iPod and original iOS. Everything since (iPhone, iPad ect) has been a scaling of those designs and retouch of the UI. Nothing else has been released that is all that innovative. They are pretty quickly becoming the Apple of old.

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