Video: Conan O’Brien Tries to Install iOS 7 on His iPhone 3GS, Fan Calls Him Out

Oh no you didn’t Conan! Like any other iPhone owner, Conan was super excited last month to update his iPhone to iOS 7. O’Brien pulled out his device on air and began the update. But wait…was CoCo holding an iPhone 3GS? Oh yes he was. And you can’t install iOS 7 on that!

Or can you? In a segment on Conan’s show titled “Fan Corrections,” a user with the screenname of 4893McLovin called out Conan on the error, pointing out that iOS 7 cannot be installed on his model of iPhone, citing Apple’s keynote as proof. Conan fired back, and revealed an iPhone model that was previously unknown; the iPhone 3GCOB, which is compatible with iOS 7.

So there you go 4893McLovin, Conan served it right back at you.

Check out the hilarity below!

[Via: Cult Of Mac]

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