BBM for iPhone and Android launching within days; Here are 4 reasons why you should install it

BBM for iPhone and Android launching within days

BlackBerry will finally launch the BBM app for iOS and Android devices within the next few days. The original idea was to launch both clients on September 21st, but as we know – that hasn’t happened.

In an interview with Reuters, BlackBerry’s CMO Frank Boulben shared this information and we tend to think this time round, BBM will indeed hit Apple’s AppStore and Google Play Store by the end of the week.

To get you ready for that moment, we came up with 4 reasons why you should install BBM on your smartphone.

1. You’ll be able to keep up with your BlackBerry buddies
Presuming you have a friend using a BlackBerry, the chances are he or she is addicted to BBM and pretty much refuses to use other IM services. BlackBerry fans are a special kind of people and you’re better off not arguing with them about their devices. They love ’em almost as much as Apple fanatics love products designed in Cupertino.

2. Another channel for communication
Why not be available to other people? You never know what the future holds. I have pretty much every IM client running on my phone. While I don’t use many of them, few friends did ask to connect with me on services I thought no one uses. Luckily I had those apps installed on my phone. And I don’t consider myself any kind of a super-networker; quite the contrary.

3. The software is actually good
Even though you’ll likely stick with IM apps you’ve been using before, I do suggest you to try out BBM. From what I’ve seen, the software is well polished and is a pleasant to use.

4. If you think BlackBerry’s going to die, you’ll end up owning a piece of history
Folks who think the Canadian company is on the brink of existence will be able to say they own a piece of history on their phone. It’s not exactly a piece of Berlin wall, but it could turn into a “valid relic” as well.

So will you be installing BBM on your iPhone or Android device?

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I’ll grab it even though most of my buddies are iAddicts.

  • Nelspruit Emr Repairs

    Well I think it would a good idea of having both BBM, Whatsapp and IM on your mobile. But lets test the BBM on IOS and find out if it will be as good as it is on a Blackberry. Hope this time it will be for good!!!!

  • jhan carlos hidalgo

    Cant wait to get it…

  • Muhammad Aiman

    Is it BBM release for Android by the end of October ?

  • WhySoSerious?

    One of the big benefits I’m looking forward is BBM on bbos allows you to select who can receive read receipts. In iOS you have to turn it on for everyone.

    Also if somehow you can message history by contact in IOS through BBm integration that would be awesome. But I’m not holding my breath.

  • Honey

    I will download it on my iPhone but the thing is that I don’t think that they will launch it in this century :/

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