Research: Smart wearable devices to be worth $19 billion by 2018

Research: Smart wearable devices to be worth $19 billion by 2018

We know that everyone’s talking about smart watches and smart glasses these days. So we’re not surprised to learn about Juniper’s forecast, suggesting this market will reach $19 billion by 2018, up from $1.4 billion this year. Revenues will be driven by high price points for these devices allied to their anticipated strong market demand.

The research firm has revised upwards the adoption of devices in the two key segments of consumer electronics — “Multimedia & Entertainment” and “Multi-functional” devices — adding that revisions like these are common in the early years of a new technology category.

The report anticipates that over time several changes will occur in the smart wearable device market, partly as a result of developments in the app model, and partly due to the increasing use of embedded cellular connectivity within devices. Subscription revenues will be possible for certain sectors within the market with companies such as Fitbit and FiLIP already seeking for recurring revenues through premium services. Smart watch for kids FiLIP was mentioned as a great example in which the company is trying to both sell the device and ask users to commit to monthly subscription.

Finally, Juniper predicts significant opportunities for app developers across the health, fitness, sports and communication segments.

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