Android 4.3 Landing on T-Mobile HTC One “Within The Next Few Days”

Android 4.3 will be landing on T-Mobile HTC One handsets “within the next few days” according to a tweet from HTC America president, Jason Mackenzie. The update began its rollout on Sprint and AT&T last week, leaving Verizon as the last carrier to certify the update for rollout.

The update should be reaching Verizon customers by the end of the month, as Verizon typically takes longer than most carriers to approve updates.

So T-Mobile HTC One owners, get ready to see Android 4.3 hit your devices within the next few days. The update comes in at 564MB, so you may want to download the update over WiFi.

[Via: Twitter]

  • Mike Edward

    A next few days could be November or December, my last htc device, t-mobile sucks too this is a game.

  • joe huang

    who can tell me dis is just a joke

  • sandiego61904

    Been checking my HTC one for the new update all day yesterday and all afternoon today and still nothing…. T- mobile and HTC are just bad at satisfying their customers

  • mimo

    Technically, a few days is 3-5 days; beyond that is several.
    Hope the guy is a native english speaker.

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