Android App Pick of the Week: Card2Contact

Business cards are useful for sharing your professional information at meetings, conferences and other social engagements. When you give out a card, you likely will receive one in return. In just a few hours, you can quickly amass a large pile of cards that a crying out to be converted to a digital format. If you find yourself drowning in business cards, then you should check out Card2Contact, a new tool you can use to record business cards on the fly using your Android phone.

Card2Contact allows you to take a picture of a business card, and the app will parse the image and pull out all the relevant contact details. This conversion process is not immediate and takes a few minutes  to complete. I found that it was best to scan the card and then forget about it. The next time you pick up your phone, the card will be converted and the contact information will be added to the address book in the app. If you don’t want to wait, you can also enter the contact information manually.

When you create a contact, you can use the app to add a calendar event so you can remember when and where you met this new business acquaintance.  You can add notes to this event and to the contact, allowing you to remember other details about the person that are not contained on the card. There’s also a handy follow-up feature that’ll schedule reminders to prompt you to connect with this person again.

More than just a business card manager, Card2Contact is a personal information manager as well. It can import your address book and your calendar event details from your phone. All these features together turn Card2Contact into a lightweight, mobile CRM for your phone.

Card2Contact is available for free from the Google Play Store and requires a login to use the app. Though the app is free, the service has both free and paid options. The free service provides 10 business card conversions per month, 1 contact-calendar integration, 5 contacts for followup and 10 contact profile pages per month. There’s also an intermediate premium package that costs $2.99 per month and an unlimited everything platinum package for $5.99 per month.

  • William Scott

    Interesting app. Worked well too.

    Thanks for sharing. UX is so nice.

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