Infographic: The Faces of The Newest Apple iPhone 5s/5c Owners

Apple looking to increase gold iPhone 5s production

While many people have been iPhone users for some time now, there are quite a few people who are new to the platform, with the iPhone 5s or 5c being their first iPhone. An infographic has been created by electronics insurance company Protect Your Bubble that shines some light on who exactly the new iPhone users are.

Protect Your Bubble conducted a survey at the 5th Avenue Apple store in New York on September 20th, talking to over 1,200 people about their purchases.

For most of the people waiting in line for their new devices, the iPhone 5s was the device to buy, with only 17% of customers interested in the iPhone 5c.

The infographic reveals that 52% of die-hard Apple fans would rather eat the same meal each day for a year than give up their smartphones. 41% would like to Facetime with President Obama, and 13% wanting to Facetime with the infamous Miley Cyrus.

About 66% of people interviewed said they were upgrading from a previous iPhone model, with 15% migrating to an iPhone from a Samsung device.Interviewees were most excited about the A7 processor and touch ID fingerprint sensor, which grace the iPhone 5s.

Check out the infographic below for more facts about new iPhone owners.

[Via: Venture Beat]

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