Chinese Couple Sells Baby Daughter Online, Buys A New Apple iPhone

A Chinese couple is facing criminal charges after allegedly “selling” their daughter and using the cash to buy an Apple iPhone. Yikes.

The couple apparently put their daughter up for adoption online, and illegally accepted money for the transaction, selling their baby off to the highest bidder.

According to investigators, the mother used the money to buy an iPhone and other high-end trinkets. She purchased all of the items over the internet, allowing officials to track her moves.

According to the couple, they just wanted to give their daughter a better life than they could provide, as the family already has two children. One of the parents said, “Giving away the child was not for obtaining benefits, but giving the child better guarantees.”

While the exact amount of money the couple received for the child has yet to be officially disclosed, online listings show the child priced at 30,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan, or roughly $5000.00.

Apple’s iPhone 5s was released in mid September, and has been selling like crazy in the U.S. with the Gold colored model being one of the most popular. It is unclear which model iPhone the couple purchased.

[Via: SCMP] [Image: Macbook Blog]

  • Timeless Hour Lady

    Disgusting evil parents. Imagine how the child must feel when she is grown. My own parents gave me up for an Iphone. WTF!

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