Samsung working on flexible batteries

Samsung working on flexible batteries

Flexible screens are cool but in order to make the phones (and tablets) flexible, you also need such batteries. And that’s apparently something Samsung is working on at the moment.

However, right from the start they’re not exactly making batteries you can bend; rather they want to make sure their batteries never explode. You may’ve heard about such instances where user got hurt due to bad battery. The Korean company wants to address that issue and make sure that never happens again.

The problem is that today’s Lithium batteries are sometimes subject to the so called “thermal runaway,” the process in which the temperature increases at an accelerated rate, causing destructive results.

Samsung wants to prevent this with solid state, flexible batteries which — although already exist — aren’t as powerful as the ones currently powering your smartphones. The idea is to improve this technology and eventually use these batteries instead of existing ones by 2015.

Once that “security issue” is cleared, the Korean giant may opt to use these batteries in innovative mobile devices that would allow use to bend them the way we please. Can’t wait. 😉

[Via: G4Games]

  • beatles

    will it blend? most probable it’ll explode first

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