Thumb Arcade Indie iPhone Bundle – 10 Games for $5!

There’s a new indie bundle on the scene, and this time it’s for iOS! Thumb Arcade’s Indie iPhone Bundle brings 10 hot apps for just 50 cents a piece. For only 5 dollars you can nab the set of apps from the Bundle’s site.

Much like the Humble indie bundle, Thumb Arcade’s iPhone Bundle gives a chunk to the developers of the games, and has an option to add a bit for charity.

Here’s the list of games:

Sentinel 3: Homeworld
Forever Lost, Episode 1
Angry Robot: Wall Street Titan
Kill the Clowns
Dragon Siege
War of Words
Fruits’n Tails
Chicks Ahead

Thumb arcade’s bundle goes on sale today. iPhone users, you don’t want to miss this deal!

For more info, check out the company’s announcement below:

Thumb Arcade Sells iTunes Games Below Dollar ThresholdFor iOS games and apps (iPhone®, iPod touch and iPad), the lowest paid price point has always been $0.99. Thumb Arcade has created a process where users can purchase games well below the ninety-nine cent price point, and still completely use the iTunes distribution process.

Thumb Arcade has leveraged it’s over 300 independent game companies to put together this groundbreaking discount bundle. This first offer includes ten games, multiple award winners and featured titles, at a 79% discount. The bundle, as it’s called, has a retail value of $23.90 and is on sale for $5 (equivalent to 50 cents per game).

“We were told that it can’t be done,” says Andy Rosic, founder of Selfpubd, the parent company of Thumb Arcade. “But Selfpubd’s central goal is to reimagine the seriously disjointed app discovery process, so we persevered until it became a reality.” becomes available on October 18, 2013 at 6am PST, and will run through October 31st, unless sales reach their maximum cutoff and it closes early. The entire game install process works inside of iTunes, just like standard price app installs. Game developers get an affordable discovery boost, and game playing users get a discount where it didn’t exist before.

This game bundle includes award winning and Apple featured titles: Sentinel 3: Homeworld, Forever Lost: Episode 1, Circulets, Angry Robot: Wall Street Titan, Kill the Clowns, Dragon Siege, War of Words, Fruits’n Tails, IncrediBlox, Chicks Ahead, plus bonus game art and an option to support a worthy charity, One Day’s Wages. The bundle site is formatted to support iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac or any other internet connected device.

[Via: Thumb Arcade]

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    TapTapGo is another great board game.

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