Acer Iconia W4 officially official: it’s what W3 should’ve been

Acer Iconia W4 officially official

Just when we told you about Lenovo Miix2, Acer unveiled a very similar product of its own. The newly announced Iconia W4 is basically what W3 should’ve been. This time around, Acer opted for a much better IPS display (8-inch 1280×800 pixels), and a faster Intel Bay Trail Z3740 chip. In addition, the rear camera now has a 5-megapixel, whereas the front-facing one kept its 2-megapixel sensor. Also compared to its predecessor, the W4 is a bit thinner (10.75mm) and lighter (415 grams).

Accessory wise, the W4 owners will be able to benefit from the Crunch Keyboard which consists of a Bluetooth keyboard and case, and foldable Crunch covers that come in various colors. Stylus was not mentioned but we assume something like that will also be available at one point.

Finally, the price — Acer will sell the 32GB Iconia W4 for $330, making it an easy sell. Or so we think. Despite the fact that the W4 will have hard time running Photoshop, you’ll still be able to run any number of full-blown Windows apps. Sweet I would say. What do you think?

  • Sharkfinn

    I thought Bay Trail managed to load up Photoshop quite well, or is it because of the 8 in. screen?

  • Gregory C Newman

    business wise this is a good tablet to do some editing of Word and Excel and PowerPoint to some degree. For casual use it runs flash video and can run most of the oftware written to run on a Full PC/Laptop. Most tests done by many tech site People have shown that previous Atom processors could not run high level video games, Cad programs or Photoshop as well as the Intel i5 or i7 CPU”S. I would buy this over any Android or Apple Ipad tablet Windows tablets need more Apps for their touch screen functions but Windows 8.1 tablets have an HUGE ECO SYSTEM of PC/Server/Laptop. programs that were written to run on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista< Windows 7 PC's. FOLKS that's a lot of programs

    • Nick

      If you want a tablet that can run games, get a surface pro. Otherwise, nobody wants to play Crysis or battle field on an 8 inch tablet, an atom is perfectly adequate.

  • reviewer_123

    Be careful from which manufacturer u purchase electronic
    product from. I only write this review
    to help you make an informed decision. I’ve owned an Acer A100 tablet which ran
    on android and after charging it, it stopped booting up and would not work
    altogether. This happened at the 15 month after I purchased it. Many others
    have had the same thing happen to them with this product. Simply type into your
    browser ‘Acer a100 problems’ and see for yourself. There’s got to be some
    inferior manufacturing flaw or product part deficiency from a certain Acer’s
    manufacturer plant or supplier that has caused these many product from
    malfunctioning just after the warranty has expired, so my best advice to
    anybody who would purchase Acer products is to at least get extra warranty
    coverage for at least one more year past the manufacturer’s warranty,
    personally I would stay away from purchasing any Acer product altogether due to
    the uncertainty of quality control and manufacturing deficiency. It’s a shame
    that after spending hundred of dollars on this product it would just quit working. The SNID of the product in
    question is 20508373615.

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