Dead Zebra’s Trickrtreat Halloween Android Figurine Now Available

Dead Zebra is at it again with a new Halloween-inspired Android Mini figurine to call your own. The aptly named Trickrtreat figure can now be yours for $10!

It looks like the Android Mini found a cure from its lycanthropy last year and dove straight into a pumpkin, looking cute as ever. The Android collectible also has two faces for happy and sad, or ‘trick or treat.’

Of course, since this a limited edition Android Mini, you’ll only be able to grab two per household. Dead Zebra also offers up a display case for $3 more. You know, if  you want to be really geeky about it.

The Trickrtreat Android Mini will ship on October 23rd, so you might want to secure your purchase if you’re looking to grab one of these little guys.

Head over to Dead Zebra here if you’re ready to spread the Android Halloween spirit.

[Via: Droid-Life]

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