HTC One Android 4.3 Update Begins Rollout on T-Mobile

As promised, T-Mobile’s HTC One Android 4.3 update began its rollout today, after being stalled for the weekend. The update will bring improvements of Sense 5, some bug fixes and camera improvements. Sense 5 now includes Instagram support in BlinkFeed, and some new home and menu button functionality.

That leaves Verizon’s HTC One as the odd man out, with its Android 4.3 update yet to appear on the scene. Verizon typically takes a bit longer than others to roll out their software updates, but we should be seeing that update by the end of the month.

So HTC One owners on T-Mobile, make sure that battery is charged and you are connected to WiFi to download the 564MB file which should be hitting your device soon.

[Via: Android Central]

  • Dk

    Phone seems to be lagging with the new update

  • fred

    i noticed a lag after update. maybe they just failed at trying to do animations smh, but after this update my camera began showing bluish pictures in low light, im sure its not hardware since i didn’t have the problem before but they best send out an fix fast. i love this phone and only wanted to get rid of the settings button

  • Amin

    i feel lag now after update come in follow
    lag in music player
    lag in some other apps
    battery darins more now
    they realy fucked up

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