New Render Of White Nexus 5 Appears Online – Likely Fake, Full Of Awesome

Fake renders of upcoming devices pop up online all the time, and the white Nexus 5 you see above could indeed be more fakery that we’re used to seeing, but we wish it wasn’t.

Last week, we saw what could eventually be the retail box of the white Nexus 5, but between last week’s leak and this apparent new render of the handset, there are a few differences that should be taken into account.

While all Nexus devices, with the exception of the Nexus One, have eventually shipped in white, the face of the handsets have always remained black. Judging from the ‘leaked’ retail box, the Nexus 5 will continue in this trend, where the render above shows us the all-white face that we’ve been longing for. Save for the display, of course.

The constant leaks and rumors surrounding the Nexus 5 have sent the anticipation for the handset into overdrive. In either case, all you should know is that the next Nexus handset is on its way soon, and it will likely show up in white, in one form or another.

White Nexus handset have a tendency to ship months after the original black (or gray) variants, and we can only hope that we’ll see the two color options debut alongside each other at launch this time around.

Would you be interesting in grabbing a white Nexus 5 or would you stick with the classic black?

[CTECHCN via TechnoBuffalo]

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