Qualcomm And HTC’s Ultimate Smartphone Photobooth Takes 540-degree GIFs

To showcase the power of Qualcomm processors, the company partnered up with HTC to bring the world the ultimate smartphone photobooth. With 130 HTC One devices fastened next to each other along a spiraled rig, the results of this little (or not so little) project are sure to impress.

We already knew that the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors were fast and the HTC One had a great camera, but this rig brings it to the next level. Check out the video from Venice, CA below!

Want to see Qualcomm’s Ultimate Smartphone Photobooth in your city? Well, Qualcomm is currently holding a voting contest to do just that! Voting will end on January 31st and you can find out where the Photobooth is stopping next by following Qualcomm on Twitter or becoming a fan on Facebook!

One for the road:

For more information on the Ultimate Photobooth, be sure to hit up the link below!

[Via: Snapdragon Booth]

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