Sega’s Got Some Sweet New Titles Coming For iOS This Fall

Everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog Sonic will be gracing iOS devices this fall, and he’s not alone. Sega will be releasing some new titles just in time for the holiday season, and they’re gonna be a blast.

Sonic will be appearing in two of the titles, with a remastered, 60 FPS Sonic the Hedgehog 2 hitting iOS devices in November, and Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed which now features four player racing, both locally and online.

Sega will be releasing Demon Tribe, which combines RPG elements and card collecting with multiplayer online battle arena features, and allows for six player mayhem in 3 on 3 synchronous battles.

Looks like Sega’s got some cool stuff in store for us this winter. Be sure to check them out!

[Via: iMore]

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