Top Reasons The Nexus 5 Will Destroy The Moto X’s Appeal

With the Nexus 5 headed our way possibly any day now, we’ve began to wonder what will happen to the Moto X. The handset has received a lot of praise from its unique software features and great battery life, but will the other phone coming from Google steal away the Moto X’s spotlight and make one of Motorola’s latest handsets fade into distant memory like the new Carrie remake?

We’re going to break down some of the top reasons that the Nexus 5 will destroy the appeal of the Moto X, but that’s not all. We’re not looking to just bash on the Moto X, so we’re also going to break down some of the top reasons that the Nexus 5 won’t destroy the appeal of the Moto X.

Check it out below!

Top Reasons The Nexus 5 Will Destroy The Appeal Of  The Moto X

Nexus 5

Better Hardware

While it appears that Google and Motorola sought to destroy the spec myth with the Moto X, the Nexus 5 is packed to the gills with high-end specifications. We’re expecting the handset to ship with a majority of the internal hardware found in the LG G2, making the handset more appealing to some. The Moto X is a snappy handset that may have some interesting software features like active notifications and always-on listening for Google’s Voice Search, but the hardware alone on the Nexus 5 may have some Moto X owners jumping ship. Even if it’s a fast phone, the hardware in the Nexus 5 will likely last you longer than the  Moto X in the long run.

Better Price Point

Expected to debut at $349 without a contract, the Nexus 5 essentially beats out any smartphone in this arena. Getting down to a price point that’s only $150 more than a majority of smartphones cost with a two-year contract is certainly hard to ignore, and one could almost buy two Nexus 5 handsets for the price of one off-contract Moto X. Just something to think about.

More Timely Software Updates

If it’s a Nexus, it will get updates faster than a majority of Android smartphones available. The Moto X is close to stock Android, but still ships with carrier bloatware. Carrier control is likely to slow down Android updates even if the manufacturer has the update ready to go for a handset. How long would you want to wait for your Moto X to get the Android 4.4 KitKat update? Plus, for all we know the unique software features found on the Moto X will ship with KitKat.

Top Reasons It Won’t


The Moto X is available on all four major carriers in the US and we have our doubts that the Nexus 5 will have such availability. Historically, Nexus devices have had compatibility with T-Mobile and AT&T. Calling Sprint’s Nexus S and Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus launches a disaster would be an understatement, as both took a long time to receive the ‘timely updates’ that make Nexus handsets so appealing. While you’d still be in the same boat with the Moto X, a Nexus isn’t a Nexus without its freedom. Being on all four carriers in the US definitely gives the Moto X an edge here.

Form Factor

We get it. Smartphones are getting big. With a large chunk of newer smartphones nearing or blowing past the 5 inch display mark, the Moto X seems like a dream come true to some. The 4.7 inch display fits snuggly and feels great in the hand, which is something we can imagine the Nexus 5 won’t be able to do so elegantly.


While it may be limited to just one carrier in the US right now, the ability to design your own Moto X is something the Nexus 5 won’t be able to compete with. These customizations could affect the resell value of the Moto X, but having the option to choose the color of the back, accent pieces and face of the device is definitely something that sets the Moto X apart from just about any other smartphone on the market today, not just the Nexus 5.


The Moto X is being pushed on TV ads, newspapers, and more thanks to the $500 million campaign budget from Google. Google and Motorola are pushing the Moto X as a cool and hip device for the younger crowd and the ads for the device are pretty good. Google has yet to push a Nexus smartphone in such a manner, largely leaving advertising of its handsets online. While Nexus devices are becoming more of a consumer product than the ‘developer’ devices they once were, we can see the Nexus 5 going unnoticed to many people, especially if there’s nowhere to physically pick the device up.

What do you think? With the right push, do you think the Nexus 5 will make the appeal of the Moto X go south or do you believe the handsets and targeted markets are too different to matter?


  • Richard Yarrell

    I never felt the Motorola X phone was Special in the first place. Neither is the Nexus 5 for that matter. Bottom line the Galaxy Note 3 Pimp Slaps All ANDROID Handsets Very Easily.

    • blakestimac

      We know you love your Samsung phones, Richard. 😉 Still, different strokes for different folks. Not everyone wants a 5’7 inch, or ever 5 inch display, and the Moto X fits the bill there.

      • newsjunkieintl

        Moto X is 4.7″. The article LIED and said it was 4.3″

        Furthermore, the Nexus 4 was also 4.7″ 720p, but the new Nexus 5 is 4.96″ full HD 1080p. And guess what? LG/Google squeezed that bigger display into a SMALLER BODY. Yes, the Nexus 5 is a hair smaller than the Nexus 4, even though it has a bigger display. SMALLER.

        You hold the phone, not the display. LG shrunk the bezels on top and sides to fit in bigger display while making the body smaller.

        • blakestimac

          No need to get huffy. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed the handset. The compact design of the Moto X still feels better in the hand than the Nexus 4, and almost a nice as the HTC One.

          • newsjunkieintl

            Everyone knows it’s 4.7″ 720p. That’s why the hatred techies have towards it because it’s last year’s Nexus 4 specs, but being passed off at top tier price.

          • blakestimac

            I completely agree. The Moto X is more hype than anything, but people do seem to like it a lot.

          • newsjunkieintl

            by the way here’s the dimensions comparison:

            NEXUS 4 (4.7″ 720P)
            5.27 x 2.70 x 0.36 inches (133.9 x 68.7 x 9.1 mm)

            NEXUS 5 (4.96″, 1080P)
            5.19 x 2.69 x 0.34 inches (131.9 x 68.2 x 8.6 mm)

            MOTO X (4.7″ 720P)
            5.09 x 2.57 x 0.41 inches (129.3 x 65.3 x 10.4 mm)

          • Kham

            The Nexus 4 has a 4.7″ 768p display, not 720p.

          • newsjunkieintl

            It’s called “720p” in technical jargon. Are you being a smart aleck or do you really not know that?

          • nutellaisntgood

            why are you so insufferable?

          • newsjunkieintl

            Not insufferable to people who really want knowledge. I just can’t stand idiots who post illogical stuff or don’t know what they are talking about.

          • Kham

            Gees sorry, so sensitive.

          • Guest

            you are correct

          • Bob

            plus TERRIBLE battery life with that beautiful, huge, HD, bright display crushing away at that 2300 mAH battery. Sweet…

          • jimv1983

            The fact that it is an IPS LCD makes things even worse.

          • newsjunkieintl

            which will last for several hours on KitKat 4.4. Yes, SWEET.

          • jimv1983

            Where are you getting the thickness for the Nexus 5? There is nothing that has officially said that was the thickness. The LG service manual says the Nexus 5 is EXACTLY the same size as the Nexus 4 so that is likely wrong. The FCC filing says 133.9 x 68.7 but doesn’t mention thickness. Anything else is just rumor at this point.

          • newsjunkieintl

            I got it from PhoneArena who has access to that kind of information.

    • Infexis

      You forgot the G2, i dont agree that the Note 3 is better, but i see your point.

      • blakestimac

        The G2 is my go-to phone right now.

      • newsjunkieintl

        Good thing the Nexus 5 is based on the G2 then. Same Snapdragon 800, same RAM.

      • newsjunkieintl

        G2 or Note 3 are the only two phones right now comparable to the Nexus 5. Moto X is minor league compared to these phones.

    • squiddy20

      Please. You think nothing but the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note devices are “special”. Delusional fanboy.

    • GillRigged

      Lmfao. Richard never quits. When are you and that Samsung of yours getting married?

    • shutUface

      I got the N3 on vzw contract (which my family has and will never change from). $209 for a new phone with 3gb ram IS something to write home about 🙂

    • Forget Note3

      Yah like my sweet note2 going into abyss for new firmware updates… never again another Galaxy

    • mark

      How’s them update samsuck fan??

    • Bob

      Trying to fit a big screen HDTV in my pocket or on the side of my head to talk is not appealing to me.

  • Infexis

    Honestly i dont think these two phones will compete with eachother. First of all Google isnt stupid why would they shoot themselves in the foot so to say. Second, like you mentioned the Nexus is kind of not available to the average citizen, so i think they will play along just fine nothing to worry about…

    • newsjunkieintl

      Anyone in the U.S./Canada/major parts of Europe can order straight off Google Play. I bought two gen3 Galaxy Nexus that way. Took them to AT&T MVNO Straight Talk, paying $45 per month what others pay $90 – $110 per month on regular AT&T.

      For the Nexus 5, I’m going over to AT&T-owned pre-paid division GoPhone which allows BYOD and has uncapped AT&T LTE. For $60 per month, you get 2GB AT&T LTE data/unlimited talk/unlimited text. If you need more data, $10 per 1GB.

      This Nexus 5 is unlocked, non-contract, has multiple LTE bands (AT&T/T-mobile/Sprint) with HSPA+, CDMA (for the North America version), 4.96″ full HD 1080p, Snapdragon 800, 2GB RAM, 8MP OIS camera, and 4.4 Kitkat.

      • gcfio

        The GoPhone sounds like the best option. I didn’t get the nexus 4 because I was not sure how the whole straight talk service would work with it. Heard some horror stories about straight talk cancelling data plans out of the blue. GoPhone seems much more straightforward. Thanks. Where do you find online discounts?

        • newsjunkieintl

          Yeah, Straight Talk is quirky but I have survived 15 monts with them. They recently had to admit their “unlimited” plans were not unlimited (due to class action lawsuit) and have now put some guarantees in writing. They are not as bad as they were 2 years ago… Still, I’m leaving to get take advantage of GoPhone’s uncapped AT&T LTE. And I can use my data as I please without throttling worries. 🙂

          Here’s how it works. GoPhone charges flat rate $60 per month (2GB data/unlimited talk/unlimited text). That includes taxes and fees. You can go into AT&T store, pay at kiosk or pay into your GoPhone account online. OR you can buy discounted GoPhone refill credits on eBay and other sites. AT&T offers those dealers a discount to sell “refill” cards of different denominations. Dealers willing to take less profit will sell discount refills to customers.

          Right now you can get a $60 refill (one month) for $54 on eBay. But you get bigger discounts for buying bigger amounts, which you can store as account credit. For instance a $100 refill on eBay currently runs $85. If you bought THREE, you would have “$300” GoPhone credit in your account for $255. It would last for 5 months (5 x $60 = $300; it’s still $300 credit, even though you only paid $255) and you averaged only $51 per month instead of $60. A couple of months ago, the discounts were even greater, allowing $48 monthly averages.

          These discounts come and go, and of course you have to buy only from dealers with hundreds of positive feedbacks. It’s just a way to save money, if you are willing. When you find a really good deal you have to stock up for a few months. The $100 refill cards are valid for up to 1 year after purchase, whereas the $60 refills expire within 90 days (or some similar amount of time)

          Otherwise, the regular $60 per month paid to AT&T GoPhone is also not bad — compared to the regular AT&T for which $90 – $110 per month is the comparable charge.

          GoPhone is better than the other AT&T pre-paid brand AIO, in my opinion, in that GoPhone offers uncapped LTE. Many people are getting 40mbps – 50mbps.

          • Jeremy B.

            I wouldn’t go AIO at all! I tried to port my number over to them from Verizon on Oct. 2 did the whole procedure to get a BYOD sim card and chose the Smart plan for $55 but they never received my order yet still charged my card and proceeded with the port of my number. I disputed with the charge with my bank and got credited. I decided to try Net10 and port my number to them but they couldn’t because AIO still was trying to port my number. I’ve had to call them multiple times and Verizon it’s been a freaking mess, I’m pissed and because of their screw up I will never use them at all now.

          • John Zampier

            Good luck with Net10 then, they’re a lot worse. I moved my wife from Net10 to AIO. Spent probably close to 20 hours on the phone with Net10 trying to get her phote re-activated after it was unnexpectadly de-activated twice in a 3 week period. Second reactivation took 5 days to do. Had absolutely no problems with AIO and she’s been with them for 5 weeks, whereas she left Net10 after 3 weeks. Fine print with Net10: You’re not allowed to stream any audio or video.

      • John Zampier

        Check out AIO, it’s $5 cheaper for the same plan as the GoPhone, or you can pay $15 more and get 5GB more data. I believe they are also owned by AT&T. My wife is on it right now with her Nexus 4. It was super easy to set up and we’ve had no problems in the 4 weeks she’s been on it. I will be going to this with my Nexus 5 as soon as my Verizon contract is up.

        • newsjunkieintl

          But AIO has capped LTE speeds. GoPhone is uncapped. People are getting in the 40s mbps.

          • John Zampier

            I consider myself a power user. I have to limit myself on Verizon to 4GB, which I could easily go over. Yet being capped at 8mbps doesn’t bother me at all. 1MB/sec download is probably fine for 98%+ smartphone users. I’ve gotten 46mbps on Verizon, but I rarely ever download a larger than 100MB file at a time, which is really only where you’d notice the difference.

      • Lonesharkie

        Stay with ST… ATT on ST now gives you 2.5 gb LTE for the same price ($45).

        • newsjunkieintl

          but Straight Talk still reserves the right to throttle you. Whereas with GoPhone you can use your data as you please. I’m keeping wife on Straight Talk as she’s a minimal user, but I’m switching to GoPhone.

  • newsjunkieintl

    WRONG: Moto X is 4.7″ 720p, not “4.3 inch display”.

    Crappy tech journalists can’t even get specs straight.

    • m

      Yeah you don’t need to “imagine” if the N5 can do it elegantly because there’s a fuckin’ technical manual floating about the net. You can see there is a larger, better screen and a smaller body without making daft assumptions.

    • branon

      I have to say though, I sold my nexus 4 because it was too big. The Moto X is so much more comfortable to hold.

    • Logan M

      why do i keep seeing this everywhere? the nexus 5 WILL NOT BE SMALLER than the nexus 4.

      nexus 5 dimensions:
      137.84 x 69.17 x 8.59 mm

      nexus 4 dimensions:
      133.9 x 68.7 x 9.1 mm

      stop spreading useless misinformation!

      • newsjunkieintl

        You are right. The FCC can’t measure properly. We were all going by the FCC measurements which they published. It is slightly bigger. Blame the FCC for the misinformation.

        it wasn’t “misinformation” when posted a week ago. Now that Wind mobile has published the final specs online, we see it’s not true.

  • nickenstein

    yes the “Google phone” nexus 5 will destroy the “Google phone” motorola x (again owned by google) yes cause that makes sense right ?! it’s like comparing galaxy s line to galaxy note line it’s the same phone just a lil different

    • newsjunkieintl

      Actually, it’s not the same phone. The Moto X was the last project already in the pipeline prior to Google buying Motorola. They let it continue and was supposed to be released last spring (April/May). But it sucked so bad Google overlords delayed it for a few months and told Motorola to do better.

      Ironically about this same time (early May) Google CEO Larry Page went to South Korea to visit LG HQ and drooled over the LG G2/Nexus 5 prototype he was shown.

      When the Moto X and G2 were then announced within days of each other and then releases about the same time for the same price, you can see the vast difference in performance. Moto X basically has last year’s specs but this year’s price. The G2 (on which the Nexus 5 is based) has 5.2″ 1080p display, Snapdragon 800 (which everyone and their brother is now rushing to release), OIS camera. Battery-saving RAM technology, etc. Google won’t trust Motorola to build a Nexus until they can first build something like the G2.

      The Nexus 5 is a slightly smaller version of the G2 — 4.96″ 1080p, only 8MP OIS, but still has the Snapdragon 800. In pre-release benchmark tests, the Nexus 5 matches the iPhone 5S, and I expect it will beat it when actually released. The Moto X never will attain that.

      • Michael B

        I am looking to buy end of year and like what I hear about nexus 5 and held the motox and like it a lot too! but man for the cost savings there is no comparison. Getting the Nexus 5 in dec for the entire family.. no joke. I have iphone 4s now but switching from the big V to the big T carrier and will have choice. It will be nice to not have to zoom on my phone to be able to read something! Bye bye apple. I cant wait for them to do the 6s. I need a nice phone this year!

      • DavidB23

        > If you had $600 and were offered either the Moto X or the LG G2, you would choose the G2 every time.

        Not me. I like the moto x much better than the G2. G2 is just not pleasant to hold or use. The SW (LG’s skin) looks like 4 different companies made it; very inconsistent. Yea; it wins a spec war; but in reality (for me) is a kluge to actually use.

        • newsjunkieintl

          The Moto X is overpriced. If it was $350 off contract or even $300, THEN it would be worth buying for those people who want a mid-tier phone and don’t need the top specs.

          It’s not a bad phone, it’s just a bad phone for the price. It’s like trying to price a Ford Fusion like a BMW or Mercedes.

          • MANvsFOOD

            For quite awhile, I was torn between the X and the iPhone 5s. I had been leaning towards the X already (all smartphones I’ve had have been Android-powered) because the idea of near-stock Android really appealed to me; I’m on my phone quite a bit for work and needed a lot better battery life than my Galaxy SIII. Once the price dropped to $100 with a contract I immediately went to get one (I had to switch to AT&T anyways). About three weeks in and this thing is just awesome. Yeah, the camera isn’t great, but I’m not a professional photographer and the picture quality is plenty good for what I need. As I posted above, people are too quick to cite specs as a reason for saying this phone sucks. This phone isn’t about that; it’s about about software optimization to increase smoothness and snappiness, and it does that incredibly well. This phone feels like iOS in terms of its smoothness and quickness, and I’ve been getting absolutely awesome battery life with it. I’m very, very happy with my decision.

      • jimv1983

        I don’t really understand saying that the Nexus 5 is based on the G2. Different screen, different battery, different camera, no GRAM on the Nexus 5, etc. It seems to me that the only similarities are the CPU/GPU.

        • John Kiser

          No one knows if the nexus 5 has gram or not

  • Revrant

    “Form Factor

    We get it. Smartphones are getting big. With a large chunk of newer smartphones nearing or blowing past the 5 inch display mark,
    the Moto X seems like a dream come true to some. The 4.7 inch display
    fits snuggly and feels great in the hand, which is something we can
    imagine the Nexus 5 won’t be able to do so elegantly.”

    Yeah, there’s no way I could move up to 4.95 inches, the disparity would just ruin me for months.

    Oh well, staying with my 4.7 inch phone until someone blesses me with exactly the same form factor in the years to come.

    • newsjunkieintl

      You do realize the 4.96″ Nexus 5 is smaller than last year’s 4.7″ Nexus 4, right?

      You hold the phone,not the display. LG shrunk the top and side bezels to allow bigger display, while making a SMALLER phone.

      * NEXUS 4 (4.7″ 720P)
      5.27 x 2.70 x 0.36 inches (133.9 x 68.7 x 9.1 mm)

      * NEXUS 5 (4.96″, 1080P)
      5.19 x 2.69 x 0.34 inches (131.9 x 68.2 x 8.6 mm)

      See, Nexus 5 has bigger display, but smaller body than the Nexus 4.

      • jimv1983

        It’s not so much the display size at it is the overall dimensions. I consider any phone that is over 5″ tall to be too big.

        The screen of the Nexus 5 is only 4.32″ x 2.43″. Why isn’t the Nexus 5 like 4.80″ x 2.65″. That would include a bezel size of 0.15″ on the bottom, 0.33″ on top and 0.11″ on each side

  • moonmoon

    i think Google is making a big step to compete with companies like Samsung and others. its a pretty cheap phone going with the rumors of its specs it sounds like a beast. for no contract and unlocked i think this will be the phone of choice. i personally don’t care of the color accents to me that doesn’t mean anything. i see the nexus 5 as a cheap phone but a powerful phone. i don’t have to get into a 2 year contract that’s pretty much over but if you go to a store and want to get the note 3 they do a credit checked, thumbs up if you have good credit but not a lot of people do. if you’re like the rest of the people chances are your going to have to pay 300+ up front for a down payment not to mention the store your buying the phone from want to make a profit off you so instead of pay 800 bucks for a note 3 you end up paying 900 or some ridiculous amount.

  • Mackstrife

    Has anyone on here actually used a Moto X (or a new droid)? It has a focus on optimization and software that other phones just don’t. The Voice recognition is beyond amazing. It learns your voice and gets to a point where it will only respond to you. I’m not saying I don’t wish it was cheaper and rocking slightly better specs but it is definitely a lot cooler than people are giving it credit for.

    • branon

      Agreed. Its a great phone. I have no regrets giving up my htc one (and nexus 4 before that). Just the Motoroloa Assist and the active notifications make it worthwhile. I love the battery life too.

    • MANvsFOOD

      I actually bought a Moto X about three weeks ago after the price drop to $100. I had a GSIII and the X blows that thing away. What it “lacks” in specs, it more than makes up for in battery life, smoothness, and quickness. This really, really feels like iOS as far as how quick and smooth it is; I haven’t had a single hiccup with respect to problems with apps or any sort of lag/buggy actions. The touchless controls have worked flawlessly so far, and I’ve had friends and family say, “OK, Google Now,” and the phone doesn’t wake up. Then, when I say it from across the room, it lights up waiting for me to ask it something. So many people are so quick to write this phone off because its specs are “so last year.” Unless they’ve actually used one, I wouldn’t bother listening to their opinion. I agree with you, Mackstrife, this phone is a lot better than people are giving it credit for. It just seems that everyone has become a techie/phone expert ever since the X’s specs were announced.

  • Nathan

    Battery life.

  • jimv1983

    Top reasons it won’t should also list battery life. It is very likely that the Moto X will get better battery life than the Nexus 5.

    • newsjunkieintl

      1) Moto X has a smaller battery than the Nexus 5.
      2) 4.4 KitKat is supposed to have battery saving tricks.

      • jimv1983

        The number one power usage of a phone is the screen. The Moto X only has 100mAh less in battery capacity but the screen uses far less power. A 1080p screen(and indirectly the GPU) uses more power than a 720p screen. AMOLED uses less power than LCD and IPS LCD is the worst among all LCD types in terms of power. The Nexus 5 also has a bigger screen so that will add a little decrease as well.

  • chris pinkston

    The moto x will continue to sell to the mainstream smart phone consumer regardless of a new nexus. That crowd won’t know too much about the Nexus just as they never have. Google doesn’t market it that strongly though that could change. I see lots of nexus 7 TV ads, well google ads with Nexus 7 in them. Techie android fans will go for The Nexus over moto x any day though. Personally I think Google should have went mainstrean with the Nexus. Used that moto x marketing money for the Nexus and launched the Nexus 5 on At&t/ tmobile alongside the play store.

    • jimv1983

      Overall I’d like a Nexus 5 over a Moto X but because of battery life I may end up with a Moto X.

      • newsjunkieintl

        How do you know what battery life will be? The Moto X has a smaller battery than the Nexus 5.

        • jimv1983

          The Moto X’s battery is only 100mAh smaller but it has a 720p AMOLED instead of a 1080p IPS LCD. The screen is the biggest power hog on any phone. 1080p uses more power(and causes the GPU to use more power) than a 720p screen and AMOLED uses more power than LCD and IPS typed LCDs are the biggest power users of ANY type of LCD screens.

          • newsjunkieintl

            and the Nexus 5 will come with 4.4 KitKat which optimizes battery.

          • nvitone23

            how do you know?

          • newsjunkieintl

            from article on kitkat:

            “The Most Important Android 4.4 KitKat Features You Need To Know About


            Above, I mentioned that Android 4.4 will be optimized to run on older devices. Part of that optimization includes lowering Android’s hardware demands and taking advantage of CPUs with multiple cores (something that most Androids made today now have).

            Because of these changes, Android 4.4 will reportedly increase battery life by a noticeable amount.”

          • nvitone23

            who wrote the article and where did they get their info from?? link please!

          • jimv1983

            That might be true but as I said the biggest power hog on any phone is the screen. The amount of power that might be saved by optimizations to the OS will be insignificant compared to the amount of power the screen will use. If they had used the same screen from the Moto X that would have made a huge difference.

          • newsjunkieintl

            from article on the chipset being used: “The Snapdragon 800 is also known to be optimized for better battery life and power usage so the cut to the battery should hurt less.”

            I see a lot of hating on this awesome Neuxs 5 phone — which is really buyer’s remorse for the Moto X. 🙂

            If you had waited you could have had the Nexus 5.

          • Mario II Valenzuela

            Yeah , the Nexus 5s is the best phone on Verizon. Oh yeah, that’s right, they aren’t on Verizon.

          • Logan M

            and the moto x was announced to be moving to 4.4 quickly. what else you got?

  • Solar_Powered_Pooper_Scooper

    Holy Mollee, Every “Genius” in this comment section spouts off spec’s with such authority. Yet Google hasn’t actually released this phone……so none of you 12 year olds know what the F*** you’re talking about.

    • jimv1983

      Both a LG service manual and FCC filing document have been leaked. The claims of a Snapdragon 800, 2GB RAM, 8MP camera, 2,300mAh battery, 4.96″ IPS LCD screen, 16GB and 32GB storage options and 131.9 x 68.2 size (thickness is still unknown) are all true.

      • newsjunkieintl

        PhoneArena claims to have the thickness spec. They are very credible and have scooped in the past.

        • jimv1983

          I’m skeptical of Phone Arena’s source. They also said the 32GB version would have a 3,000mAh batter. They have removed that claim from their site and retracted the claim in another article. Until it is officially announced or gets leaked in an official document I will still consider the thickness unknown.

          • newsjunkieintl

            I will bet it’s very close to what they have listed. It’s not going to be thicker than the Nexus 4. Already two specs are SMALLER.

  • @ScoreboardSteve

    If only the Nexus 5 was marketed like the Moto X is and like the iPhone is. The Nexus 5 wins mainly because of price point, quick OS updates, and reportedly a great new camera that will be among the best on the market.

    • @ScoreboardSteve

      EDIT: Well I’m thinking the N5 will be marketed like the N4 was and that wouldn’t be too good. The Moto X is being marketed very well and the N5 should be prioritized just as much as Google’s flagship phone.

      • John Smith

        Google doesn’t want to market the Nexus too hard. why? because they don’t want to cannibalize and piss off their hardware partners.

        • @ScoreboardSteve

          They’ll never sell as many Nexus devices as they could in that case. Samsung and HTC may get mad, but their flagship handsets will still outsell the Nexus.

          • John Smith

            Google doesn’t care. they don’t need to make a lot of money selling hardware – especially at the expense of their partners in the ecosystem. the big money/margins/profits for Google is in search and services. and that’s where the future is too. Google wants their hardware partners to be happy and profitable so they keep flooding the market with Android devices. Google does not want to be a hardware competitor. the Nexus line is a delicate balance.

  • @ScoreboardSteve

    On another note, I have the Nexus 4 but I got the 8GB storage one and I’m almost out of storage after 8 months. Does anyone know how much I could get for my N4?

    • greenowl

      will take the moto X on RW republic wireless at 25$ a month unlimited

  • Tim

    Well, the Nexus 5 will presumably be available outside North America, so I would be surprised if it didn’t sell more handsets than the Moto X.

  • notpoliticalyet

    Nexus still appeals more to the people who know more about what phones are coming out and the mainstream phones are for the people that go into the carrier store without a phone in mind or they heard of the Galaxy line or an Iphone and want to check those devices out. Nexus devices are still for the Android fans that want the latest updates.

  • Phil

    I would have never bought the moto x in the first place.

  • bink_uk

    I own a Motorola Defy and whilst I admit it is an old, lower-spec model, it is without doubt the WORST piece of tech i have EVER used and is enough to convince me never to buy another Moto phone again. Maddeningly slow and constantly freezing and crashing. It was completely unfit for purpose from the day I bought it. I’ve got not faith in oto’s ability to implement Android or to make decent hardware.

    Come on Nexus 5. I’m waiting.

    • MANvsFOOD

      “I’ve got not faith in Moto’s ability to implement Android or to make decent hardware.”

      This is one of the reasons why Google bought them. Go play with a Moto X, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • Brian Gentles

    Availability: The Moto X is not available outside the US. Destroyed by anything else that is.

  • Gabriel

    I love my Moto X and have since the second I picked it up. I understand that the specs are way better on the Nexus 5 but are you going to honestly use them to their fullest? Even using my most resource intensive apps the Moto X still runs fabulously. I would love the timely updates of the Nexus but being owned by Google I don’t think Motorola will have a hard time pushing the update. And where I’m on U.S Cellular they only have their WiFi now app so I believe they’ll push it quickly also. I’m happy with my X and while the Nexus is just as the name implys on the nexus of smart phones, it would take an über user to truly get the most out of it.

  • Mflemming

    Wow, you really have to put up with some morons responding to your articles. I follow you because you seem to find some great bargains on hardware and such, but I see you kick out a number of articles each day. Keep up the good work, obviously some of your readers need to get a job and/or a life.

  • bond

    I want to buy a new mobile which one is better nexus 5 ,moto x (or) iphone5s,5c.Tell me

  • Anonymous

    I once was also a huge geeky andriod affecinato. I had gone through Motorola back in the Nextle days, to a HTC Incredible, to an HTC Rezound, to a Samsung G3. All great phones. When I heard about the Moto X. I was excited. Then it came out. Then the excitement kind of faded, but I decided to give it a chance from pitty and try it. I got it over the HTC One and Samsung G4. And to tell you the truth. Eventough I USE to love the specs sheets. Moto X has showed me to not look at those things. The Moto X after all is snappy, it is comfortable, battery friendly, and very helpful. My Moto X is like my little personal assistant. These are things other phones fail to compete with. Moto X is truly. Your phone. It is an amazing phone but the only way to know. Is to use it. I would take this phone any day for any of those other. How can I say it. Antique mentality phones.

  • haley90

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