Twitter #Music shutting down soon?

Twitter Music shutting down soon?

Twitter may kill its #Music mobile app only six months after its launch. According to AllThingsD, the social network’s music offering didn’t manage to reach the critical mass of users. Moreover, key person who should’ve pushed the service forward left the company – business development leader Kevin Thau.

Following the days of its official debut, Twitter #Music spiked in the App Store rankings, reaching the No. 6 slot in overall free app downloads. But in the following months not that many users expressed interest for the app.

App analytics company Onavo placed Twitter #Music at 1,672nd place in its own rankings at the end of August, while AppAnnie ranks it at 264 in the iTunes Music app vertical as of October 19.

And while we wait for the official shut down of the service, Twitter stays engaged in the music industry. It has partnered with Apple to produce a trending playlist station for iTunes Radio, and is doing something similar with Rdio. Those two, however, are different kinds of arrangements than what Twitter had in mind with #Music.

I never got to play with #Music but few of my friends did try it out and played with it for couple of weeks only to jump back to Spotify, Pandora and other services they got used to. How about you? Have you found your “fortune” in #Music?

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I never got to try it out. So I won’t miss it. 🙂

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