Apple Announces New iLife Apps for iPad and iPhone

Apple announced an update to two of its most popular software suites today at the company’s iPad event. Before announcing the latest upgrades to its iPad line, Apple announced some major upgrades to the iLife and iWork iOS apps, in line with the OS X Mavericks upgrades!

Apple’s Eddie Cue came out to announce the updates, in all his untucked, roll-cuffed glory. He announced new versions of Apple’s iLife suite of software for Macs and iOS devices.  iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand updates were all shown off. The entire suite will be free starting today!

All the apps now include iCloud support, so you’ll have access to your projects across your Apple products, including Apple TV. They all feature an updated design as well, in line with the flat aesthetics of iOS 7.

iPhoto’s new iOS app brings photobooks to iPhones and iPads. Before they were only available on Macs. iMovie got more of a refresh for iDevices, bringing effects and a more full-fledged, desktop-like, editing experience to its mobile app. Finally, Garage Band brings a big upgrade to for users sporting an iPhone 5S or iPad Air (with their 64-bit A7 processors). The iOS version now supports 32 tracks of audio!

The updated iLife apps will be free later today for iPad, iPhone, and Mac OS.

[Img: Wired]

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