LG G2 Ad Is Frightfully Amazing [VIDEO]

The  LG G2 is easily one of the most powerful smartphones available in the world right now. Not only does it ship with top-notch specifications, it’s design is something you’ve never seen before and really works. Of course, a great phone can be ignored without a good marketing campaign and one of the latest ads for the LG G2 hits the mark, just in time for Halloween!

The video below shows a large box that resembles a phone booth in the streets of France. Printed on the large box is “improve the performance of your mobile,” (in French, of course). Below, there’s an arrow pointing to a small opening, inviting unsuspecting ‘victims’ to place their phones inside. Once they do, the opening is immediately sealed, and a curtain is dropped from the box, revealing a rather intimidating psycho behind glass with a rather creative selection of tools to “enhance” your mobile. You’ll just have to watch to see what happens after that.

Check out the video below!

LG has created quite a few prank ads before, but the one above is easily one of our favorites. Be sure to check out a few more ads below showcasing the clarity of the company’s TVs and IPS displays!

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