Shy About Going in Public – Cover app for iPhone Has Your Back!

Using the toilet away from home can stressful. Whether it’s a public restroom or a friend’s house – let alone a romantic interest, you don’t want anyone to hear you go. The potential for embarrassing butt noises is enough to make some people hold it all day. Now a new iPhone app will give you sweet, sweet relief!

Cover offers a selection of different sound recordings to mask any sound you might be making. If it’s toilet time, don’t fret! There’s a selection of all manner of common bathroom sounds, from running water to hand dryers. So if you’re tooting your own horn, you can throw on one of these babies and blow like Satchmo.

Cover is a great way to maintain you modesty while letting you do your business. Armed with its library of sounds, you can finally unclench …. your teeth, and get the relief you need. The Cover app is your bathroom buddy and your sanitary savior!

Of course, you could also just get over it and just take a dump like a grown up. Just sayin’.

For more information, Cover’s iTunes description follows below:

* Featured on The Doctors, “THE AWKWARD SHOW”.

Hey girls, yes we’re all human but still who enjoys having their bathroom noises overheard? Here it is, COVER UP! The app that covers up unpleasant bathroom sounds by simulating various masking sound
effects that you would hear in a bathroom:

* Running water

* Hand-dryers

* Blow dryers

* Features:

* Control the volume by touching the makeup brushes.

* Touch any of the makeup areas to start playing the sound.

* Touch another one to start a new sound, or touch the same one to stop the sound.

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    Austin Powers says: Riiiiiiiiighhhht. Maybe carry some portable Bluetooth speakers while you’re at it. And a can of Febreez unless there’s an app for that too. Yeah baby!

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