Nintendo Wii Will Still Be Available in the U.S. Through the Holiday Season

Recently we heard news that Nintendo of Japan had announced an end to the Wii’s production, leading to speculation that the Wii was being discontinued. But it seems reports of the Wii‘s death have been greatly exaggerated. A Nintendo representative recently assured Americans that the original Wii will be available in the states, at least through the holiday season.

An unnamed Nintendo rep. told Gamespot that, “The announcement that the Wii console has been discontinued is specific to Japan,” adding, “There is no change in the status of Wii in the United States, and it is available for purchase this holiday season.”

While this doesn’t give much information, it’s clear that Nintendo still plans to sell some Wiis this holiday season. Whether the aging system will be discontinued in the U.S. after the holidays remains to be seen, but used consoles won’t be hard to find for a long time to come. The Nintendo Wii has sold more than 100 million units worldwide since its 2006 launch.

In fact, Gamestop has pre-owned Wiis for as little as $50. New consoles, bundled with Wii Sports and Wii Sports resort, are down to $130.

[Via: Gamespot]

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