4 Reasons Why Nokia’s New Tablet Will Fail

Nokia Lumia 2520

By any stretch of imagination, the newly announced Nokia Lumia 2520 is a great device. It has a powerful processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 800), awesome camera (for a tablet), LTE connectivity support and a ton of built-in storage. It will be available in few color options, making sure there’s the Lumia 2520 for different personalities. However, there are few problems standing on the way of Nokia’s success, including:

1. Platform

Although we love Microsoft’s idea to make its operating system work on ARM-based chips, we don’t like the end result. Simply put, Windows RT is still “not there,” and given the choice – I would always get a full-blown Windows 8 tablet over the one running Windows RT.

2. Apps

Related to the first point – Windows RT lacks apps. Big time. Tablet market is currently dominated by Apple’s iPad with Android steadily catching up. But even Android lacks apps compared to the iPad. Windows RT, on the other hand, is not even in the same league. You’ll get the Outlook, though.

3. Price

Unsubsidized Nokia Lumia 2520 will cost $499. The same cash gets you the cheapest iPad Air which comes with an established eco-system and a huge number of apps to choose from, some of which are only available for Apple’s tablet. Nokia is an underdog in the tablet game and its tablet *must* be more affordable than competing products. At least that’s the way I see things…

4. Competition

As I mentioned, 500 bucks gets you the iPad Air, as well as Nexus 10 or some other Android-based device. The tablet market is more competitive than ever and you can buy a decent device for as low as $300. It’s obvious that Nokia is shooting for the high-end of the market with the Lumia 2520 but I’m not sure it has what it takes to be relevant in that space.


The conclusion is that nothing’s wrong with Nokia’s tablet per se. Rather, we have Microsoft to blame for the Windows RT platform. It should be cancelled or integrated in Windows 8. And all that integrated with Windows Phone, so at the end we have a single version of Windows that works across all platforms.

Presuming the Redmond giant manages to make Windows RT and Windows 8 more compatible in the near future — so that we can run Windows 8 apps on the Lumia 2520 — we could be looking at an interesting product. Alas, that’s something we can’t rely on in the near future…

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    You can’t but agree with the points raised, i wanna get a new tablet but inasmuch as i love Android and the options available with it..but the ipad (jailbroken) is better suited for my tablet needs

  • iPad Air with LTE is Priced ar 629$ not 499$ so Nokia’s Lumia 2520 is 130$ cheap than Apple’s iPad Air

  • xxd

    Thank yuou for your interesting article.
    I agree on your arguments, but not on your conclusion.

    Windows rt is not to merge with windows 8.
    The reason is simple – battery & other hardware. Windows 8 demand very stron hardware – means it is expensive.
    That is why MSFT and Apple both have a special OS for mobile tablets.

    But I think it might be advantageous to to merge windows phone 8 with windows rt partly – I mean so that RT runs Phone apps. Phone apps are not made for big screens, but as phablets are so popular – the difference becomes small.
    That might give Windows tablets a boost.

    I am pretty sure the Nokia tablet won’t fail.

    It is not meant to outsell the Ipad. THe 2520 is Nokias 5% device. It is meant to gain 5% market share. If it does – that would be a huge success.

    The same thing as with windows phone would happen – more users = more support from developpers. Just look at windows phone – as it approaches 10% market share all the big developpers started to support it. The lack of major apps is almost gone – and there are extremely good apps unique to Windows like Office and Here maps.

    Of course it is expensive.
    But it is a high end tablet with best screen and LTE.
    It is not meant for India and China.
    This is a tablet for the West.

    If Nokia succeeds to sell some tablets I think they will diversify.
    This tablet is meant to build the Nokia brand as a high quality manufacturer.
    It is also about image.

    It is also meant for business clients.

  • freekarelia

    I shall buy the Nokia tablet. I have been waiting for a contender to Android and Apple and here it comes. Because I run windows on my phone and computer it is the best product for me, expecially because I need office. Considering the batterytime the screen and the casing with additional usb and extra battery it will be a much better buy than apple.

  • I found this article confusing for the same reasons someone has already pointed out here…

    It says the $499 gets you the same that is offered from the $499 iPad Air…

    Doesnt the $499 get you LTE connectivity not available on the base iPad Air… The iPad Air with LTE costs $629

  • Gregory C Newman

    Folks the new head man at Microsoft in charge of developing the Windows OS’s
    has Microsoft Programmers attempting to merge the Windows Phone OS and the Windows RT tablet OS into a common OS where if a Apps developer writes an app for the Windows smart phones with a few modifications of it’s API’s it will run on a Windows on Arms CPU tablet like the Surface 2 or the Older Windows RT or the spanking new Nokia 2520.. This may not be hard at all for Microsoft to do because both
    Windows smart phones and Windows RT tablets use ARMS CPU”S. The best smart phones and Windows RT OS tablet to do this with is the Nokia Lumia smart phones
    and the Nokia 2520 Tablet because they both use QUALCOMM snap dragoon 800
    ARMS CPU’s. the Surface 2 uses a different ARM’s CPU Chip. after this they will try.
    create a programming structure where x86 CPU apps and ARMS CPU apps can run on ether CPU systems and therefore there will be one Microsoft store for all devices.

  • GreatPhones

    More ignorance from the Tech media. I read many of these articles and quickly realize the simple fact that the author knows nothing about RT. Nokia’s tablet is less expensive and more feature rich than the iPad air.

  • MrPhysics

    4 Reasons why this author is just ignorant
    As I read through this article, hoping that there is an author writing about a Microsoft/Nokia product that may have some insight into the new Nokia tablet that I may not know that may help me decide if I want to purchase one, I realize that this is just another ignorant person who obviously has not used either the new Nokia product nor the Microsoft mobile platform. Why would I say such a thing? Let me explain….
    1. Platform
    Sure, from the standpoint of “Can I run full Windows Programs on my tablet?”, no this is not going to be that tablet. You probably want the Surface 2 Pro. However, you can’t do that with an Android device or iPad, so what’s the difference? One thing you can do with Windows 8.1 is the ability to connect to your actual home (or office) PC and run all of your programs from your tablet that you can on your PC. Personally, I have been able to work in my lab, collect my data, upload it to Skydrive, access my home computer and analyze my data from my tablet. At the same time, I can write up any notes with OneNote or MS Office with no hassle. So these “limitations” that RT has seem to be dwindling. If this author wasn’t so ignorant, he would know this.
    2. Apps
    Windows RT lacks apps. This is true compared to the iPad and Android devices. Not going to argue that point if you are talking about pure numbers of apps in the respective stores. However, I have had no problem finding the everyday apps that I, and in that respect all of my friends, use. No there aren’t as many official apps for some, however the third-party apps are just as good, if not better than anything on any other platform. Plus, since the Nokia World announcement, there aren’t many of those “official apps” that will be missing, so you ignorant authors are going to have3 to find another reason to keep bashing this new, truly innovative platform.
    3. Price
    Seriously, do I even have to mention the obviously ignorant mistake here?
    4. Competition
    Sure the competition has a very large market share, however, when was the last time Apple innovated anything? The do have the market cornered in buying companies that do and integrating them into the Apple platform, yet they have not done anything excitingly new in a long time. Ok, 64-bit processor in a mobile device is nice, but why? I haven’t found anything that great about it besides the purely scientific ability to do it. Other than that, a new color phone and a fingerprint scanner do not a “new device” make. For true innovation in the mobile realm I look to Samsung, and now I am looking at Nokia. Nokia has used it’s globally recognized name to bring a new platform to the market for everyone around the(not just those able to afford the high Apple prices). Ignorance of the growing new platform is no longer an excuse in the global market.
    For all of these reasons I must say, you, Mr. Dusan Belic, are just ignorant. I am sure at one point in time you were a stand-up journalist for the mobile market, yet it seems to me that you, like a majority of your colleagues in this arena, are just plain ignorant. Please do your audience a favor and either just start writing editorials on your favorite mobile device and why you love it, or actually use an unbiased, fully researched group of statements to write an article like this one. I will no longer accept ignorance from my media!! You should be reprimanded by your employer, and your editor should be, too, for allowing such ignorance out to the world.

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