Parody: iPad Air Commercial, Narrated by Heisenberg Himself

Just yesterday, Apple unleashed a new iPad Air TV ad, narrated by Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame. Wasting no time at all, a parody of the ad has appeared, which was made by the team at SmartThings.

The ad features Heienberg himself narrating the ad, throwing out Breaking Bad references left and right.

While the narrator’s voice doesn’t sound anything like Bryan Cranston, the parody is funny nonetheless. Here’s what SmartThings had to say about the parody:

In a much-anticipated hour-long unveiling this week, Apple introduced the world to the brand-new iPad Air. Touting the device as the world’s most powerful and advanced tablet to ever enter the market, Apple declared that once users experience their first taste of the Air, they’ll be hooked.

They certainly are correct about one thing; Apple products do effect people just like meth does. Well, sort of.

So check out the video below, and let us know what you think!

[Via: SmartThings]

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