Dubble for iOS, A Photo Sharing App with a Double Exposure Twist

The double exposure was a favorite effect of film photographers. Allowing for two (or more) images to be captured in one final exposure, the effect was a favorite of Surrealist photographers, photo-doctoring jokers, and casual shooters trying something fun (or creating a happy accident!). Now a new app lets you upload your pics and make double exposure mashups with another user’s, right from your iPhone!

Grab the Dubble app here!

In this age of Photoshop, and with film photography relegated to a niche, the art of the double exposure has lost some of its power. Mashing together two images in Photoshop is simple, easy, and you can customize the finished product to look exactly the way you want right there on your screen. With film, you could measure and control things like light and exposure, but you still wouldn’t know what you had until it developed.

Dubble for iOS brings back a little of this fun and mystery. When a Dubble user uploads an image, it’s matched with another user at random. The two pictures are super-imposed creating one image, reminiscent of a double film exposure. Your Dubbles can then be easily shared on Facebook and Twitter, with Instagram and Tumblr support from within the app coming soon.

It looks like fun. What do you think?

For more info, check out Dubble’s press release below:

Borne from a fascination with double exposed images (where two pictures are overlaid to create one new picture) the dubble team of talented photographers, programmers and designers have created an app that brings double exposure to the smartphone, with a mission to “Shoot. Mix & Connect”.

Free to download, the dubble app will initially invite smartphone snappers to join the dubble community. Once a fully-fledged group member, users can SHOOT a picture; give it some words for context, and upload it to the dubble community. And then, wait patiently for the dubble magic to begin. (The magic being the random selection of another community member’s photo, and the MIXing together of the two to create a new, digitally-blended, dubble image.) The dubble magic should (network data-allowing) take just a few seconds before it arrives in the user’s ‘dubble’ tab, within the app. The ‘dubbler’ is then able to share their joint efforts on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr (Instagram and Tumblr will launch later in 2013).

The idea for dubble is the brainchild of professional photographer Adam Scott (ex-MD of Lomography UK), brought to life by fellow co-founders Angelo Semeraro, Ben Joyce and Uldis Pirags. The team brings together many years’ experience in Photography, Art Direction, Design, Front and Backend Development and Mobile Development.

This summer, dubble began developing its community with 40 friends and family, across 18 countries — taking photographs and uploading to the dubble community. The random dubbling has already created wonderful images that see Spanish music festivals dubbled with family pets; fairground carousels dubbled with French holiday beach scenes; flamingos with cityscapes.

Founder and CEO Adam Scott comments on the release, “ We’ve worked really hard to develop an app that we hope will tap into the fantastic social and creative potential of collaborative multi-exposure digital blending with a complete stranger. Our ambition is to become the most exciting collaborative photography community in the world”.

dubble is available to download from Apple’s App Store from 24 October 2013

[Via: Dubble]

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