Google pays $23 million for FlexyCore, French company that optimizes Android for carriers and OEMs


Google has acquired FlexyCore, a Rennes, France-based company that optimizes Android for carriers and manufacturers. According to GigaOm, the search giant paid 16.9 million Euros (just over $23 million) and will quietly integrate FlexyCore’s tech into future versions of Android. As far as we (don’t) know, Android 4.4 KitKat may come with some of these improvements.

Founded by Gilbert Cabillic, a former head researcher for Texas Instruments, FlexyCore also tried its luck with consumers with the DroidBooster app, which is now longer available for download.

The deal took more than a year to materialize, and now the FlexyCore team is integrated into Google France.

It’s unclear which improvements to the Android platform these guys made but it’s obvious Google sees some value in their work. The chances are we’ll never get to learn about their tweaks, though.

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