Rumored LTE-Enabled Nexus 4 Surfaces At Bluetooth SIG

It wasn’t long ago that we got word that the Nexus 4 may be re-released with LTE and sell alongside the Nexus 5. Well, it looks like the handset is indeed real after all.

The handset in question over at the Bluetooth SIG shares the same model number as the existing Nexus 4, but a quick glance at the Design Description clearly calls out its LTE powers.

With the Nexus set to be announced sometime soon, we’re now pretty sure that we’ll see the LTE-enabled Nexus 4 announced on the same day. However, what we don’t know is the pricing for the handset. With the Nexus 5 expected to land at $349, we’d expect the updated Nexus 4 to come in at around $299. And that’s to say there’s only one model. If there are two storage options for the new Nexus 4, we’re definitely wondering what the difference in pricing will be between the two.

Rumors peg the Nexus 5 to be announced at the end of October, making for a grand Halloween introduction. Whether or not we’ll actually be seeing the Nexus 4 making a second debut remains to be seen, but signs are pointing to a big yes.

Is LTE enough for you to grab the Nexus 4 over the Nexus 5?

[Via: Engadget]


  • Joe

    If they made the Nexus 4 2013 a “mini” version (have a 4.3″ screen perhaps) of the Nexus 5, I would buy.That is of course if it had updated specs and not just a rehash of the Nexus 4 2012.

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